Delegation Travels to New Mexico to Work at Immigration Detention Center

Artesia Group Students

AUWCL sent a delegation of eight students and two faculty to New Mexico to work with detainees in the Artesia Temporary Facility for Adults with Children. This immigration detention center is a federal law enforcement training facility operated by Homeland Security that has been converted to house around 700 mothers and children.

Students from the Immigrant Justice and International Human Rights Law Clinics spent a week at Artesia. The group spent long days conducting intakes, preparing for bond motions and representing clients in the hearings, accompanying clients in credible fear interviews (CFIs), and completing paperwork.

Students on the trip included: Saba Aziz; Miatria Brown; Daniela Carrion; Nicole Diop; Andrea Gonzalez; Ashley Hoornstra; Emily McCabe; and Rachel Nadas.

Faculty leaders were Jayesh Rathod, director of the Immigrant Justice Clinic, and Rick Wilson, director of the International Human Rights Law Clinic.

Student Ashley Hoornstra wrote about her experiences in Artesia on her blog, "My Week in Artesia." Here's an excerpt:

"How does a day go for an AILA volunteer? It's pretty crazy. We rise early and arrive to the detention center by 6:45 am. By 7:00 am, our clients file in, sitting at folding tables and chairs while they wait for their names to be called. From there, the day is completely unpredictable. On average, I saw seven clients a day when I wasn't in court. Our services ranged from conducting initial intakes, preparing for bond motions, credible fear interviews, or merits hearings."

Throughout the week, the group also documented their experiences in a series of short videos. View some of their entries below, or the full playlist onYouTube.