Dean's Diversity Council Program and Dinner Gives Inside Look at Careers in the Judicial Sector

Dean's Diversity Council

The annual Dean’s Diversity Council (DDC) Program and Dinner was held Oct. 28 in the AUWCL residence. The evening gave student attendees an inside-look into working in the judicial sector.

“The DDC is a group of judges and practitioners, many of whom are alumni while others are friends of the law school, who support this office and our students through programs such as the annual program and dinner,” explained Sherry Weaver, director, Office of Diversity Services.

The event began with a panel discussion on securing work in the judiciary and the experience of working in chambers. Panelists (pictured above) included The Honorable Hiram Puig-Lugo, The Honorable Jeri Somers ‘86, and the Honorable Zuberi Williams ‘03. Two alumni also participated: Sonia Torrico ’14, clerk for Judge Puig-Lugo, and Preston Smith ’13, clerk for the Honorable Gerald Bruce Lee ’76. The panel focused on how students could make themselves more marketable to judges and what judges expect in their interns and clerks.

“When I am looking at applications to give to my Judge I apply the whole man concept," said Preston Smith '13. "I make sure candidates' grades are good, they have writing experience, and have also had different internship experiences. Try to show who you are as a person or the different things you are involved with in the community.”

The panel also encouraged students to do a judicial internship and to engage with different associations that can create networking opportunities with judges or enable more access to possible clerkships.

A meet-and -greet and dinner followed the panel, where students were able to engage with DDC members, including Professor Ezra Rosser and with guest judges Gerald Bruce Lee and Charles Day.