AUWCL Students Participate in Law, Justice and Development Week at The World Bank

Student participants

Law, Justice and Development Week (LJD Week) is a unique event hosted yearly at The World Bank, which brings together the global community interested in using law and justice tools to contribute to development. Each year, participants include: 

  • the General Counsels of many of the world’s international finance institutions (IFIs);
  • lawyers and others working for IFIs, whether as staff or consultants;
  • government officials from ministries of justice;
  • judges and lawyers in public service or private practice; as well as
  • professors, researchers, and students from academia. 
Matthew Glasser
Prof. Matthew Glasser 

Since 2014, the Program on International Organizations Law and Diplomacy (PIOLD) at American University Washington College of Law (AUWCL) has been a co-sponsor of Law, Justice and Development Week with students from the program supporting the event by identifying relevant research topics, preparing background notes and papers for the use of attendees, and helping The World Bank staff host more than 1,200 participants and 200 speakers.

Held December 5-9, LJD Week 2016 brought the world’s development lawyers together to begin realizing the commitments of the Paris Agreement. The conference was a key milestone in developing the legal and regulatory framework to accelerate the global transition to low carbon economies. The climate change sessions during LJD Week 2016 marked an historic opportunity to focus on the processes that will be needed to capture the Paris commitments in laws which set national targets and make them binding and enforceable; laws that permit countries to achieve greater energy efficiency; and laws that require far reaching changes in national energy systems, and in agricultural and manufacturing practices.

Student Visitors
AUWCL students with Prof. Fernanda Nicola.

AUWCL students had the opportunity to attend sessions of interest and network with representatives of more than 150 organizations working at the intersection of law and international development. In the past few years, many PIOLD program students go on to pursue careers in international development.

This year, the twelve students from PIOLD who researched topics ranging from refugees to corruption to the relationship between climate change and human rights included:

  • Mamie Aoughsten
  • Alexandra Brown
  • Yvon Janvier
  • Kavell Joseph
  • Anna Lavrenyuk
  • Ulughbek Mamadjanov
  • Ayat Mujais
  • Mofetoluwa Obadina
  • Jasmine Jackson
  • Meron Hailu
  • Mariya Myroshnychenko
  • Ekongtang Makia

Mariya remarked, "Participation in LJD Week was a great opportunity to learn the issues that The World Bank is dealing with every day. It also provided an amazing chance to meet interesting people who work in different areas of international development throughout the world."

Materials from LJD Week 2016 can be downloaded at Additional information on LJD Week 2016 can be found on The World Bank website.