AUWCL Strengthens Academic Ties with University of Barcelona 

On Monday, Dean Claudio Grossman and Vice-Dean Mar Campins Eritja, from the University of Barcelona Faculty of Law, signed a letter of intent to further explore the possibility for academic cooperation between the two schools, such as in the area of faculty and student exchanges.

The University of Barcelona is a recognized and prominent center for the study of law in Spain and this is an “exciting opportunity to further develop AUWCL’s international programs, including our International JD Dual Degree Programs,” said Dean Grossman. AUWCL is at the forefront of international legal education and currently has International JD Dual Degree Programs with partner schools in Australia, Canada, France, Italy, and Spain. More than half of the AUWCL JD student body will participate in a legal education abroad opportunity and over two-thirds of the JD student body have stated that AUWCL’s reputation for international law and the global opportunities AUWCL offers influenced their decision to attend law school here.