Associate Dean David Jaffe Contributes to Best-Selling Book "The Addicted Lawyer"


The recently released best-selling book “The Addicted Lawyer: Tales of the Bar, Booze, Blow and Redemption,” includes a contribution by Associate Dean for Student Affairs David Jaffe. Jaffe provided Chapter 10, “Beyond the Study: Acing Exams and Addiction,” in which he shares what students should expect from a law school and how they can go about finding support and succeeding while in school. The book, authored by Brian Cuban (brother of Mark Cuban), also includes excerpts from the 2014 national survey of law students and mental health and substance use issues that Jaffe co-piloted.

Jaffe shares that for a variety of reasons there are a far greater number of law students around the country who have mental health and substance use issues than those seeking help.

“I want to help law students get past the stigma and the perception that they will not get admitted to the bar, and have them come out and seek assistance for their issues. Brian’s book is the latest in a series of efforts to do just that; if even one student seeks assistance as a result of this publication, it has been worth the effort.”

Jaffe oversees all aspects of the Office of Student Affairs, which includes support for JD students from Orientation, through academic and personal counseling, organization development, to Commencement. He received his JD from American University Washington College of Law.

Also of note, this week, the New York Times published an article, including an interview with Cuban, detailing the increase of substance abuse and mental health issues among lawyers and law school students.