Academy on Human Rights Hosts Virtual Discussion on Human Rights Amid the Coronavirus Pandemic

May 8, 2020

Virtual conference

On May 5, American University Washington College of Law’s Academy on Human Rights and Humanitarian Law hosted a virtual event, “Pandemia y Derechos Humanos: Situaciones de Emergencia y la Supervisión Internacional” (The Pandemic and Human Rights: Emergency Situations and International Supervision).

Watch the virtual event here.

The virtual discussion, presented in Spanish,  included Professional Lectuerers in Residence and Co-Directors of the Academy, Claudia Martin and Diego Rodríguez-Pinzón; Professor and Dean Emeritus Claudio Grossman,  and Adjunct Professor Elizabeth Abi-Mershed.

The event was part of the Academy’s new virtual events series, The Experts Speak Series: Addressing Human Rights in Times of Crisis. The series, which will continue through the summer, will feature panels in English and Spanish and aims at promoting human rights in both the academic and professional human rights community. Specically, the series will provide an overview of the impact of the COVID-19 crisis, as well as the response of states around the world. The virtual panels will encourage discussions regarding ways to prevent and denounce human rights violations in the ongoing crisis and its aftermath.