Nov 16 Mon

The Power and Impact of International Education

01:30PM - 02:30PM
American University has long been committed to international education. We have developed long standing partnerships with outstanding universities across the globe, and our alums span every country and region of the world. Join us for a discussion with selected alums from different disciplines who will discuss the power and impact of international education on their personal growth and careers. This event will be moderated by Professor Padideh Ala’i and Dr. Fanta Aw.

Panelists include: Simone dos Santos Lemos Fernandes, Federal Judge of the Superior Court of Justice in Brazil; Enzo de Laurentiis, Chief Procurement Officer, Operations Policy & Country Services at The World Bank; Akhmet Ishmukhamedov, Founder & Executive Director of Sauwat Strategy; Rodah Kirera, Chief of Staff & Business Operations Manager at Booz Allen Hamilton; and Drew Nickels, Deputy Director of the Nuclear Materials Information Program,  Department of Energy.


International and Comparative Legal Studies

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