Jul 29 Wed

Reproductive Justice & Disability Justice: COVID-19, Criminalization, & De-institutionalization

02:00PM - 03:15PM Online via Zoom
The COVID pandemic has highlighted the many inherent problems with institutions, including prisons and nursing facilities which have been some of the hardest hit by the pandemic. Further, the recent protests in response to the murder of George Floyd have shown the issues entrenched in the criminal justice system. These two key developments in 2020 show that the way America institutionalizes those we deem “different” is inherently brutal and does not actually protect our society. 

This webinar will highlight the many issues surrounding American institutions. We will first discuss how we criminalize disabilities through the use of mass incarceration and other facilities that are often considered “more humane.” We will then discuss the faults of these institutions and how they further harm. Last, we discuss the ways in which the reproductive freedom movements can learn from, support, and advocate with disabled people, recommitting ourselves to the work of freeing our people from all institutions throughout the country and the world.


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