Feb 24 Mon

Redefining Free Speech for the Digital Age

03:00PM - 07:00PM Tenley Campus - Warren NT01 Ceremonial Classroom
The internet has set us free. The internet will destroy our democracy. Both the utopian and apocalyptic hype share a common belief that there is something unprecedented about the power of digital communications online. 

Future Tense and the Tech, Law & Security Program at American University Washington College of Law are launching a collaborative year-long Free Speech Project, an open-minded and far-reaching inquiry into the current state, and future prospects, of free speech. Does the revolution of communications technology we’ve witnessed over the past quarter-century demand a fundamental re-evaluation of traditional (and close to absolutist) American free speech tenets—or should we reassert these tenets as timeless and all the more essential to our current environment? What are the roles and responsibilities of tech companies that mediate our speech online? Who decides what we can and can’t say? 

Please join us for the launch event on February 24 at the American University Washington College of Law, located at 4300 Nebraska Avenue NW, Warren Building, Ceremonial Classroom, where we will begin our exploration of these questions with an exciting group of thinkers to look at how similar debates around speech have played out in the past. 


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Washington College of Law
Tenley Campus - Warren NT01 Ceremonial Classroom
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