Apr 19 Thu

Kesha Says be Cruelty-Free: Moving Beyond Product Testing on Animals

02:30PM - 06:30PM Washington College of Law Y116

Prior to our reception with the rescue rabbits, cruelty-free cosmetics, champagne & cupcakes, join us for an amazing program on Toxic Control Substances Act TSCA and the Food, Drug & Cosmetics Act (FDCA) and how they relate to product testing on animals!

This Symposium will provide students, professors, alumni, and practitioners with information and clarity regarding the Toxic Control Substances Act (TSCA) and the Food, Drug & Cosmetics Act (FDCA) and how they relate to product testing on animals. Additionally, it will seek to demonstrate how there are modern alternatives to products testing on animals, and it is no longer necessary to subject animals to cruel procedures. The Symposium will consist of three segments.

First Segment: Statute Bootcamp
In the first segment, experts from the Environmental Protection Agency and U.S. Food and Drug Administration will give overviews of TSCA and FDCA as they pertain to testing products on animals.  Recently, the EPA released for public comment a draft strategy to reduce the use of vertebrate animals in chemical testing. Section 4(h)(2)(A) of the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) requires EPA to develop a Strategic Plan by June 22, 2018 to promote the development and implementation of alternative test methods and strategies to reduce, refine or replace vertebrate animal testing. Speakers include:

  • Dr. Louis Scarano, Senior Science Advisor, Environmental Protection Agency, Office of Pollution Prevention and Toxics will give an overview of TSCA
  • Dr. Anna Lowit, Co-Chair, Interagency Coordinating Committee on the Validation of Alternative Methods (ICCVAM), National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS), National Institutes of Health (NIH); Senior Science Advisor, Environmental Protection Agency, Office of Pesticides

FDA representative (TBD) to give an overview of FDCA.

Second Segment: Panel
The second segment will provide an in-depth discussion of the public and private sector's role in driving cruelty-free policy under the new TSCA compliance mandates. Panelists include:

  • Adam Zipkin, Legislative Counsel, Senator Cory Booker
  • Sara Amundson, Executive Director, Humane Society Legislative Fund
  • Nathan Hershler (WCL' 08), Executive Director, New England Anti-Vivisection Society
  • Sue A. Leary, Chair, Coalition for Consumer Information on Cosmetics (Leaping Bunny); President, American Anti-Vivisection Society; President & CEO, Alternatives Research & Development Foundation

Third Segment: Cocktail Reception (with rescue rabbits!)
Lastly, the third segment is a reception where attendees will have the opportunity to take home cruelty-free Lush cosmetics, sip champagne, and eat plant-based cupcakes.  Additionally, adoptable New Zealand white rabbit rescues from Friends of Rabbits will be on-site during the reception. Reception sponsored by the Animal Legal Defense Fund and American University Student Bar Association!

Email animallaw@wcl.american.edu for more details!



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