Oct 17 Tue

Presidential Management Fellowship Post-Graduate Fellowship Prep Session

12:00PM - 01:00PM

 The PMF Program just announced that the online application and assessment period will open at 12 noon on Monday October 23rd and close at 12 noon on Wednesday November 1st, which means you will have nine days to take the test.

The Program for Law & Government and OCPD want you to be as prepared as possible! To get ready, come to N101 at noon on October 17th for the Presidential Management Fellowship Post-Graduate Fellowship Prep Session! 

Remember: the Presidential Management Fellowship (PMF) program is a great way to get into the federal government and offers an alternative to government honors programs upon graduation. Many WCL grads have started their careers through the program, and is consistently one of the top law schools in the nation for entry into this program. 

RSVP for this event via Careerlink: http://bit.ly/2yeeZyR


Christian Tintle