Oct 27 Fri

Unlocking the Promise of Antitrust Enforcement

08:45AM - 03:30PM Washington College of Law NT08

Presented by the Program on Law and Government, Washington College of Law and the Washington Center for Equitable Growth

Antitrust is a hot topic today, attracting policy attention from journalists and politicians as well as academics. The protection of competition, consumers, and workers requires not only the enactment of laws but also their effective enforcement. This conference asks whether there is scope for more vigorous enforcement of existing law. The event will feature nine examples of enforcement possibilities presented by leading scholars in law and economics along with discussion by prominent antitrust practitioners.

  • C. Scott Hemphill and Philip J. Weiser: “Bringing Reality to the Law of Predation”
  • Jonathan B. Baker “Overcoming Amex: Multi-Sided Platforms and Antitrust”
  • Steven C. Salop: “Invigorating Vertical Merger Enforcement”
  • Herbert Hovenkamp and Carl Shapiro: “Horizontal Mergers, Market Structure, and Burdens of Proof”
  • Howard Shelanski: “Antitrust and Deregulation”
  • C. Scott Hemphill and Nancy L. Rose: “Monopsony, Bargaining Leverage, and Buy-Side Benefits”
  • Jonathan B. Baker and Fiona Scott Morton: “Platform MFNs and Antitrust Enforcement”
  • A. Douglas Melamed and Carl Shapiro: “Antitrust and Effective FRAND Commitments”
  • Herbert Hovenkamp and Fiona Scott Morton: “Horizontal Shareholding and Antitrust Enforcement”

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