Sep 10 Thu

Racial Justice and the Courts

12:00PM - 01:15PM

 On behalf of the Law & Government Program, we are pleased to announce Judge Reggie Walton has accepted an invitation to anchor/moderate a panel on exploring what courts can do to combat racial bias in the justice system.

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Sep 11 Fri

The Looming Threat of the Copyright Termination Provisions to the Old School Hip-Hop Music Catalog

12:00PM - 01:30PM

Professor Kevin J. Greene will discuss his new research on old school hip hop artists and the impact of the “formalistic and complex labyrinth” of U.S. copyright termination provisions on their work. In the context of his research, we will host a discussion of the proposal in the South Africa Copyright Amendment Bill to limit assignments of contract to 25 years.

Registration Required

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  • Open To The Public, Alumni, Students AND Faculty/Staff
Sep 12 Sat

The International Trade and Investment Law Society Presents: "Trade 101"

10:00AM - 12:15PM Online via Zoom

The International Trade and Investment Law Society (ITILS) presents: “Trade 101” a crash course on international trade law and its applicability in practice.

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Sep 13 Sun

Intellectual Property Brief Fall Orientation

06:00PM - 07:00PM

This is the fall orientation for the IP Brief. This meeting is for all senior staffers and the new junior staff. To join the brief please check our social media for our application process, or email us with any questions at 

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Sep 14 Mon

Christian Legal Society (CLS) General Body Meeting

12:00PM - 01:00PM Online via Zoom

Christian Legal Society (CLS) will be hosting weekly meetings. These meetings will be on Zoom Mondays at 12PM. CLS will have general body meetings one week and Bible study the next week. CLS will also inform students about other opportunities as well. Students who are interested in attending should contact CLS at 

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