Volume 3, Issue 2
Summer-Fall 2007

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Letter from the Executive Board

The Irrationality of a Rational Basis: Denying Benefits to the Children of Same-Sex Couples
Sam Castic

Pencil Me In: The Use of Title IX and s.1983 to Obtain Equal Treatment in High School Athletics Scheduling
Leigh E. Ferrin

Building a New Paradigm for the Women's Movement: Spotlight on Kiran Ahuja
Parag Khandhar

Don't You Be My Neighbor: Restrictive Housing Ordinances as the New Jim Crow
Marisa Bono

Reflections of a Community Lawyer
Luz E. Herrera

Immigration Policy and Immigration Flows: A Comparative Analysis of Immigration Law in the U.S. and Argentina
Adela de la Torre, Ph.D. and Julia Mendoza

Putting Thoughts Into Action: The Creation of the Latino/a Alumni Association of the Washington College of Law
Carlos Quintana

All in a Day's Work: Advocating the Employment Rights of Day Laborers
Liza Zamd

"White Latino" Leaders: A Foregone Conclusion or Mischaracterization of Latino Society
Eric M. Gutierrez

Equal Marriage Rights for Transgendered Individuals
Parker Thoeni

Book Review: Lesbian and Transgender Issues in Education: Programs, Policies, and Practices
Reviewed by Justin K. Terres

Raising the Spector of Discrimination: The Case for Disregarding "Flags of Convenience" in the Application of U.S. Anti-Discrimination Laws to Cruise Ships
Paul T. Hinckley

The First Cuban-Born President of the Florida Bar Association: Spotlight of Francisco Angones
Juan Fernandez-Barquin

Legislative Updates




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