Volume 1, Issue 1
Spring 2005

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Letter From the Executive Board

Save a Hunter, Shoot a Hmong
Aimee J. Baldillo, Esq., Jeanette Mendy, and Vincent A. Eng, Esq.

Our Forgotten Colony: Puerto Rico and the War on Drugs
LeeAnn O'Neill and Jennifer Gumbrewicz, Esq.

African Americans and the Republican Party: Positioning for 2008
Sophia A. Nelson, Esq.

Legislative Updates
Michelle Woolley and Lydia Edwards

South Asian Americans in U.S. Politics
Roopa Nemi and Amala Nath

Post Operative Transsexuals' Right to Marriage
Sarah Leinicke

Spotlight on Jon Velie: Man On A Thirteen Year Mission
Lydia Edwards

Cultural Displacement: Is the GLBT Community Gentrifying African American Neighborhoods in Washington, D.C.?
Chris McChesney

Beyond Higher Education: The Need for African Americans to Be "Knowledge Producers"
Alex M. Johnson

White Men on Race: Power, Privilege, and the Shaping of Cultural Consciousness*
Book Review by Jaqueline Lee of Joe Feagin and Eileen O'Brien

*Only available in online issue.


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