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American University Washington College of Law Press Releases

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- AU Press Releases -

  • December 12, 2005
    AU Washington College of Law Dean to Teach at Hague Academy of Int'l Law With Other Prestigious Lecturers from Europe, Latin America
  • November 17, 2005
    Criminal Trial Practice Mock Finals at Mont Co Judicial Center, Nov. 19
  • November 17, 2005
    Marshall-Brennan Local Fall Moot Court Competition, Nov. 19-20
  • November 17, 2005
    South African Human Rights Activist Ahmed Kathrada to Speak at WCL, Nov. 20
  • November 16, 2005
    AU Washington College of Law Int'l Law Expert Robert K. Goldman Appointed to ICJ Eminent Jurists Panel to Study and Report on Impact of Counter Terrorism on Human Rights
  • November 14, 2005
    U.S., Canadian, European Environmentalists Compare Strategies At Carbon Emissions Trading Workshop, Nov. 17-18
  • November 14, 2005
    EPA, Inter-American Development Bank, Other Environmental Experts To Discuss New Book on Environmental Compliance and Sustainable Development, Nov. 16
  • November 10, 2005
    White House, World Bank, EPA Officials to Discuss The Legal Dimensions of Climate Change, Nov. 15
  • November 7, 2005
    Military Justice, Laws of War Experts to Discuss Military Commissions and Justice at Guantanamo at AU Washington College of Law, Nov. 9
  • November 4, 2005
    State Department, Law Firm and Trade Experts Join OAS, UNCTAD, AU Washington College of Law Joint Training Program as Expert Faculty at Advanced Seminar on Managing Investment Disputes, Nov. 3-11
  • October 31, 2005
    UC Berkeley Prof Pamela Samuelson to Discuss Copyright and Consumer Protection
  • October 31, 2005
    Environmental Experts from Amnesty Int'l, World Wildlife Fund, Others to Highlight Discussion on Environmental and Human Rights Considerations in Foreign Investment Contracts, Nov. 1
  • October 24, 2005
    Former CIA, FBI Director; Former DOJ Whistleblower; Others to Discuss Ethical Issues for Government Lawyers, Oct. 28
  • October 21, 2005
    Addressing a Global Criminal Operation: The Looting of Rare Map, Manuscript and Book Collections and the U.S. Response, Oct. 25
  • October 21, 2005
    S. African Constitutional Court Judge Richard Goldstone to Discuss Differing Perspectives on Economic, Cultural and Social Rights, Oct. 24
  • October 21, 2005
    Campaign, Election Experts to Discuss Whether Supreme Court Should Uphold Campaign Spending Limits, Oct. 25
  • October 18, 2005
    Pinochet Prosecuting Judge to Speak at WCL, Oct. 20
  • October 18, 2005
    Correspondents to Discuss Media & Public Perceptions of U.S. Supreme Ct., Oct. 20
  • October 11, 2005
    HUD, DOJ, OAS Experts to Address Latino Issues in U.S. and the World at National Latina/o Law Student Association Conference, Oct. 20-23
  • September 19, 2005
    Fmr. Counsel for Charles Moose; Lead Counsel in Abu Ghraib Gen. Karpinski Defense; Former NBC Radio VP to Highlight "The Big Chill: Could You Land in Jail for Covering the News?" Sept. 20
  • September 15, 2005
    Race, Class and "Refugees": Human Rights Implications of Hurricane Katrina To Be Discussed at AU Washington College of Law Panel, Sept. 16
  • September 9, 2005
    Congressional Human Rights Lecture to Address UN Human Rights System Reform, at RHOB, Sept. 13
  • September 9, 2005
    How to Arbitrate a Construction Case Under International Rules To Be Discussed at AU Washington College of Law 2nd Annual International Commercial Arbitration Seminar, Sept. 12-15
  • August 24, 2005
    AU Washington College of Law Launches Podcasting To Keep Students on the Cutting Edge, Assist Non-Native Speakers
  • August 15, 2005
    WCL Students Start the Year on the Right Foot: 150 Washington College of Law Students, Faculty and Staff Perform Community Service Projects as Part of Third In My Backyard Community Service Day
  • August 12, 2005
    American University Professors and Affiliates Return from Visit to Assist Iraq in Drafting Constitution
  • August 1, 2005
    What Do Top Law Profs Do in Their Time Off? Write Legal Thrillers! -- Washington College of Law Professor?s Manuscript Wins First Prize in Maryland Writer's Association 2005 Novel Contest
  • July 18, 2005
    AU Center for Human Rights Congressional Human Rights Lecture to Address Rules that Govern the War on Terror, Rayburn House Office Building, July 19
  • July 1, 2005
    Sandra Day O'Connor Resigns: AU Legal Experts Available for Commentary
  • June 29, 2005
    AU Legal Experts Can Comment on Ten Commandments Cases
  • June 29, 2005
    Court Refuses to Hear Reporters' Privilege Case: Time, New York Times Reporters Face Time-AU Legal Experts Can Comment
  • June 10, 2005
    Spanish Magistrate Judge, Counter-Terrorism Expert Baltasar Garzón Real to Launch Autobiography "A World Without Fear", at AU Washington College of Law Academy on Human Rights, June 16
  • June 1, 2005
    UN Experts on Terrorism, Human Rights, Arbitrary Executions to Discuss Role of UN Human Rights Mechanisms in Protecting Freedoms, June 2
  • May 24, 2005
    Human Rights Experts, Academics to Examine Efficacy, Transparency, Reform of Inter-American Human Rights System at AU Washington College of Law First Annual Meeting on Human Rights, May 26-27
  • May 19, 2005
    AU Washington College of Law to Host Tenth Annual Inter-American Human Rights Moot Court Competition, May 23-27
  • May 19, 2005
    Sen. Sarbanes to Discuss Public Trust, Ethics, Corporate Governance At 119th Commencement of AU Washington College of Law, May 22
  • May 16, 2005
    Marshall-Brennan Program at AU Washington College of Law to Present 2005 Mary Beth Tinker Awards to Georgia Lawyer, Client; Oklahoma Defense Attorney, May 18
  • May 3, 2005
    Sister Helen Prejean, Subject of 1996 Film Dead Man Walking, To Discuss Ongoing Work to End the Death Penalty in America, New Book, at AU Washington College of Law, May 6
  • May 2, 2005
    AU Washington College of Law Students Place First in Nation, Third in World In Jessup International Moot Court Competition
  • April 22, 2005
    AU Washington College of Law Alumna Produces Award-Winning Film Documenting Staggering Abuses of Psychiatric Patients in Paraguay -- WCL to Host D.C. Premier, April 29
  • April 14, 2005
    AU Law Students to Try Mock Insurance Claim Case Before Montgomery County Judges, Damascus High School "Jurors," April 16
  • April 12, 2005
    AU Washington College of Law to Host Discussion on Legal Issues Facing Religious Organizations, April 18
  • April 7, 2005
    Former 9/11, WMD Commission Members to Discuss Prospects for U.S. Intelligence Reform and Counter-Terrorism Policy at AU Law, April 11
  • April 7, 2005
    Times' Matthew Cooper; New York Times' Judith Miller to Discuss Threats to Press Freedom in the U.S., April 12, At JW Marriott Hotel
  • April 5, 2005
    Former Solicitors General, Former White House Counsel to Discuss Prospective Supreme Court Nominations at AU Law & Government Panel, April 6
  • March 31, 2005
    AU Washington College of Law to Host the Ninth Sylvania Woods Conference on African Americans and the Law, April 2
  • March 22, 2005
    C-SPAN 2 Provides Live Coverage -- Justice, Counterterrorism, Defense, Red Cross Experts to Address Geneva Conventions and Rules of War at AU Washington College of Law, March 24 -- Will Taft, Former Legal Advisor to Secretary of State Powell to Keynote Luncheon
  • March 22, 2005
    AU Washington College of Law to Host "Outsourcing Torture: Extraordinary Renditions," March 23
  • March 16, 2005
    Homeland Security, CIA, FBI Experts, Top-Tier Journalists to Discuss Emerging Issues in National, International Security, March 21-22 -- Former Virginia Governor Jim Gilmore to Keynote Monday Dinner
  • March 15, 2005
    Former UN Ambassador John McDonald; World Bank's Salman Salman To Highlight Conference on Human Right to Water, March 18
  • March 15, 2005
    Virginia Delegate Adam Ebbin, Washington Blade Reporter To Discuss Virginia's Recent "Anti-Gay" Bills, March 17
  • March 15, 2005
    Former U.S. Attorney Can Comment on Worldcom CEO Guilty Verdict
  • March 15, 2005
    High School Students Confused About First Amendment Rights? AU Law Panel to Discuss Erosion of Constitutional Knowledge, March 17
  • March 11, 2005
    Native American Legal Expert to Discuss Why Indian Law is Sword and Shield, March 16
  • March 9, 2005
    Embassy Officials, International Economic and Trade Experts to Discuss Challenges of Free Trade Agreements at Washington College of Law, March 15
  • March 2, 2005
    AU Washington College of Law Students to Testify Before OAS' Commission on Human Rights on Behalf of Undocumented, Agricultural Workers in the United States, March 3
  • March 1, 2005
    AU Legal, Human Rights Experts Can Discuss U.S. Supreme Court Ruling Against Executing Juveniles
  • February 25, 2005
    Time Magazine's Matt Cooper, Former Government Prosecutors, Reporters' Committee Director to Discuss Reporters' Privilege and Being Forced To Testify Before Grand Jury at AU Law Panel, March 2
  • February 25, 2005
    Department of Justice, Commerce, OAS Officials to Discuss Importance of Doing Business in Latin America at AU Washington College of Law Eighth Annual Hispanic Law Conference, March 1
  • February 22, 2005
    U.S. Congress, WTO, IMF, World Bank Officials to Discuss "Does Free Trade Guarantee Peace, Liberty and Security?" -- AU Washington College of Law to Host Forum, Feb. 24-26
  • February 21, 2005
    AU Washington College of Law International Health Policy Forum to Address Malpractice Crisis, Stem Cell Debate, Feb. 23
  • February 18, 2005
    AU Washington College of Law Work-Life Law Experts Can Discuss Novartis Parent Discrimination Suit
  • February 15, 2005
    D.C. Circuit Court Rules Time, New York Times Reporters Must Testify Former Assistant U.S. Attorney, AU Law Adjunct Professor Says Court Got It Right
  • February 14, 2005
    UN Rapporteur on Human Rights, War on Terror to Discuss "Laws of War and Rules of Occupation" at AU Washington College of Law, Feb. 15
  • February 9, 2005
    Democratic Reform, Election Law Experts, State Department Advisor to Discuss International Standards for Resolving Election Disputes at AU Washington College of Law Symposium, Feb. 10
  • February 4, 2005
    AU Washington College of Law, International Relations Professor; Public International Law & Policy Group, Nominated for 2005 Nobel Peace Prize
  • January 28, 2005
    First-Year Law Students Glimpse Opportunities Awaiting Them 2005 Opportunities Day To Be Held at AU Washington College of Law, Feb. 1
  • January 19, 2005
    AU Washington College of Law Program on Law & Government to Host "Inaugurating a New Democracy Agenda," Jan. 21
  • January 14, 2005
    Students from Seven D.C. Law Schools Serve Community Together in Honor of Martin Luther King, Jr. Birthday, Jan. 17
  • January 14, 2005
    Transcript of Discussion Between U.S. Supreme Court Justices Antonin Scalia and Stephen Breyer -- AU Washington College of Law, Jan. 13
  • January 14, 2005
    American University Experts Available to Discuss Presidential Inauguration
  • January 10, 2005
    American University Celebrates Dr. King?s Legacy with Community Service, Musical Tribute, Forums
  • January 10, 2005
    University of Toronto Law Professor to Discuss Promoting Women?s Health Through Human Rights, AU Law, Jan. 12
  • January 6, 2005
    Greek Member of Parliament to Discuss Attitudes Toward the Handicapped in Greece, U.S., Jan. 11
  • January 5, 2005
    Supreme Court Justices Scalia and Breyer to Speak at AU Washington College of Law, Jan. 13

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