Seminar at WCL
The "Constitution and Public Education"

Marshall-Brennan Fellows are all required to participate in the weekly "Constitution and Public Education" seminar. The class immerses Fellows in cutting-edge issues relating to the Constitution and public education and enables them to discuss classroom management issues, delve more closely into the cases that they are teaching, and share their experiences.

The seminar is a mix of pedagogical discussion and substantive case study. It is held on Wednesdays from 4:00 - 5:50 p.m. The class is taught by Professors Jamin Raskin on sabatical 2003-2004 and Steve Wermiel and assisted by Michael Subin and Mark Wiles. Guest speakers are invited to discuss specific constitutional concepts, classroom dynamics, teaching and learning styles, and a wide range of other teaching issues. The syllabus lists the various cases and doctrines that are studied and the pedagogical topics that are explored.

As part of the seminar, each Marshall-Brennan Fellow is required to write a paper on the meaning of his or her experience or on a doctrinal or theoretical issue relating to the Constitution and public education. The papers have been outstandingly creative and thought provoking.

Excerpts from several of the Fellows' papers can be found in the Marshall-Brennan Fellowship Program brochure.