The Washington Lawyer

This course is 2 credits and meets Tuesdays from 6pm-7:50pm

The Washington Lawyer Seminar is a two-credit seminar that brings together LL.M. in Law and Government students to examine how to be an effective “Washington Lawyer.” The course focuses on the core institutions of Washington lawyering, including Congress, the White House, Department of Justice, federal agencies, and the courts. It covers such topics as congressional oversight and lawmaking, nominations, setting law and legal policy for the Executive Branch, the Administrative Procedure Act and other major statutes, and the roles of the media, public interest groups, lobbyists, ethics requirements, and money.

The seminar introduces students to the institutions and roles that distinguish Washington lawyering through readings, class discussion, guest speakers, and student role-playing exercises. This introduction to legal practice in this challenging environment is intended to be useful for students who will interact as lawyers with government in any form and on any level.

This course is offered in the Fall semester only. Students may write longer papers and expand the two-credit course to three or four credits with the approval of the professor. Foreign-trained LLM students have the option of auditing The Washington Lawyer either concurrently or after they complete American Legal Institutions.

Washington Lawyer Practicum

This course is 2 credits and meets on Fridays from 10:30am-12:30pm

The course will provide students hands-on training to succeed in a changing job market and will help students, among other things, draft an effective resume and standard cover letter, create a networking plan, obtain experience in conducting informational interviews, understand different types of legal employment options and how to seek employment in those areas, and understand how to position themselves in today's legal hiring market.

Reviews by Students

"One of the best classes I have taken...This class set forth tools that are absolutely necessary to progress past school to the professional setting."

"... This course is exactly what's needed to help students as they enter the job market."

"This course is very helpful for developing career goals and setting up your professional life for success."

"There's no point in educating yourself if you can't get a job... This class is preparing me for the legal job market in DC."

"While there have certainly been some classes that I have thoroughly enjoyed... I can say that for the first time I am thankful for a class... This course should be a requirement."

"This course... shows that WCL cares about the students' successes, beyond finishing the academic requirements. Glad that this Law School recognizes the challenges facing its students and graduates."