LL.M. in Law & Government

Online Application Instructions

Click here for the On-line application.

  • This on-line application is for people who already hold a JD or equivalent degree and are applying for an LL.M. in Law & Government.

  • If you choose to apply on-line through our web site, you will need to submit your $55.00 application fee by credit card at the time of submission.

  • All materials submitted by the applicant become the property of the law school and cannot be returned or forwarded to a third party. Any false or misleading statement or an incomplete or inaccurate application may be the basis for denial of admission, or if admitted, dismissal from the law school.

  • You must notify the law school of any changes of status as to any part of this application which may occur after the date of signature on this application and complete the explanations required thereby within 30 days of the status change. This obligation is a continuing one and requirement of completeness, accuracy, and truthfulness extends beyond the filing of an application for admission.

  • When using the on-line application system, do not use the BACK button on your browser to see a previous page. Instead use the PREVIOUS PAGE button at the bottom of each page. If you use the BACK button, you will lose information.

  • Please print out a copy of your application for your records. Once you have submitted your application, you will receive a confirmation email. You will also be prompted to then submit the application fee. Your application will not be processed until we have received your application fee.

  • Your personal statement and resume, should be included with your on-line application form. If you need to include an addendum(s) to your admissions file, please email it to your admissions counselor and be sure to include your full name and Social Security Number on your documents.

  • For more information, email lawandgov@wcl.american.edu or call 202-274-4268.