Inside Official Washington

This series of programs allows students to learn about law and government by visiting the headquarters of various federal agencies in Washington, D.C.  Visits typically include a tour of the agency’s headquarters, a speech by a senior attorney or agency official about a current legal issue, and/or a panel discussion about internship and job opportunities at the agency. Past visits have included the Department of Justice, Department of Homeland Security, Department of Health and Human Services, and the Patent & Trademark Office. 

"The group was great, and it's wonderful that the school provides opportunities for students to gain insights into careers in the public sector." - Recent Inside Official Washington panelist


LLM, SJD, and JD students meet with MD State Senator Jamie Raskin at the General Assembly in Annapolis, MD.

LLM, SJD, and JD students at the Department of Justice.
The Inside Official Washington Series gives students the chance to speak informally with lawmakers.