Program on Law and Government Leadership

Stephen Wermiel
Fellow in Law & Government
Associate Director, Summer Institute on Law & Government
Room Y346A
(202) 274-4263

Lisa Curtis
Associate Director, Marshall-Brennan Constitutional Literacy Project
Adjunct Professor
Room Y346C
(202) 274-4387

Amanda Frost
Professor of Law
Director, SJD Program
Room Y228
(202) 274-4046

Jeffrey Lubbers
Professor of Practice in Administrative Law
Room Y346K
(202) 274-4263

Diana T. Sawyer
Program Coordinator
(202) 274-4368
Room Y346G

William Yeomans
Fellow in Law & Government
Room Y346L
(202) 274-4410

Sarah R. Goetz
Program Assistant
(202) 274-4268
Room Y346