Graduate Legal Fellows

Graduate Legal Fellows* enroll in the 24-credit LL.M degree at AUWCL and can receive a 50% tuition reduction to allow them to pursue graduate legal studies at AUWCL. Graduate Legal Fellowships are available in a variety of specializations in a given year. Availability of a Graduate Legal Fellowship in a field is dependent on the quality of applicants and availability of resources.

Graduate Legal Fellows can choose from the following LL.M. Programs and areas of specialization:

LL.M. in Law & Government

Administrative Law & Regulatory Practice
Business & Financial Regulation
Civil & Constitutional Rights
Criminal Law
Disability Rights
Environmental Law & Policy
Gender & the Law
Health Law & Policy
Immigration Law & Policy
Labor & Employment Law & Policy
Law, Politics, & Legislation
National Security Law

LL.M. in Advocacy

General Studies
Criminal Trial Advocacy
Civil Trial Advocacy

LL.M. in International Legal Studies (ILSP)

General Studies
International Business Law
International Human Rights Law
International Environmental Law
Gender & the Law
Trade and Investment
International Organizations
International Commercial Arbitration

LL.M. in Intellectual Property










How to Apply:

Recent graduates can apply through the JD Distinguished Fellowship Application Process or directly through the LL.M. program of choice. To apply, please submit the following materials.

  • Completed Application Form:
  • Resume
  • 1 Page Statement of Purpose covering the following:
    • Your intended area of specialization and program
    • Why you wish to pursue an LL.M. degree
    • How an LL.M. will help you achieve your short term and long term professional and personal goals
  • Copy of your Academic File: Transcript Request Form
  • One letter of recommendation from a current WCL professor
  • The application fee will be waived

*The Graduate Legal Fellowship program is ONLY open to December 2016, May 2017, and August 2017 AUWCL JD graduates.

Please contact if you have questions about the Graduate Legal Fellows Program.