How the program will work

Law students will be able to enroll in the Summer Institute for credit according to the following plan:

  • The classes are organized in one-credit units.
  • To earn one academic credit a student must enroll in and attend all of the 12 hours of classroom time for any one of the five courses.
  • Students may earn up to four credits in the Summer Institute. There are five one-credit courses, but two overlap in time, so the maximum credits that can be earned equals four.
  • The courses that will be reported on a student's transcript will read, depending on which courses the student takes:

      LAW 843: Advanced Issues in Immigration Policy & Litigation,

      LAW 872: Regulatory Law and Policy: Financial Regulatory Reform,

      LAW 881: Advanced Problems in Administrative Law and Regulatory Policy,

      LAW 795LN: Research Seminar: Legislation & Public Policy

      LAW 795NS: Research Seminar: National Security Law & Practice

  • Students will be administered take home exams to earn grades in their coursework.
  • Mandatory attendance will be enforced for the courses. Students who enroll and fail to attend may be denied the opportunity to take the exam.
  • Individuals may register for any of the five classes for CLE credit, and the program will assist with the filing requirements and paperwork.