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Volume 57, Number 5
June 2008

Left Out in the Cold?

The Chilling of Speech, Association, and the Press
in Post-9/11 America


This annual symposium edition features articles from the symposium held September 20-21, 2007, at the Washington College of Law, American University. The syposium was sponsored by the American University Law Review and the American Civil Liberties Union. Last year's symposium focused on low income workers and the federal tax system.



Nadine Strossen


Transcript of all Panels [pdf]

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Panel Speaker(s) Webcast
Constitutional Overview of Post-9/11 Barriers Nadine Strossen [webcast]
Restrictions on Freedom of Association
Through Material Support Prohibitions and Visa Denials

David Cole
Censoring and Prosecuting the Press—
An Assessment of Reporter's Shield Legislation

Steven D. Clymer

Surveillance and its Impact on First Amendment Rights Jameel Jaffer [webcast]
Secrecy and Barriers to Open Government Glenn M. Sulmasy
Erwin Chemerinsky
David M. Hardy
The Role of Whistleblowers
to Facilitate Government Accountability

Valerie Caproni

Setting a Positive Legislative Agenda
for the First Amendment
Congressman Robert C. "Bobby" Scott
Congressman Mike Pence
[webcast part i]
[webcast part ii]


Resolved, Or Is It? The First Amendment and Giving Money to Terrorists [pdf]
Jeff Breinholt

Enacting a Reasonable Federal Shield Law: A Reply to Professors Clymer and Eliason [pdf]
James Thomas Tucker
Stephen Wermiel

The Problems with the Reporter's Privilege [pdf]
Randall D. Eliason

Reforming Fourth Amendment Privacy Doctrine [pdf]
Jim Harper

Extraordinary Rendition: The Price of Secrecy [pdf]
Louis Fisher

Deep Background: Journalists, Sources, and the Perils of Leaking [pdf]
William E. Lee

The Espionage Act and National Security Whistleblowing After Garcetti [pdf]
Stephen I. Vladeck

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