Volume 18, Number 3

Symposium: LatCrit XIV
Outsiders Inside: Critical Outsiders Theory and Praxis in the Policymaking of the New American Regime
October 1-4, 2009


Foreword: Outsiders Inside the Beltway
Anthony E. Varona

Structural Barriers: Keeping Outsiders Out

Cluster Introduction:
Legal Paradigms: How Jurisprudence Affects Insider/Outsider Status Quo, Outsider Jurisprudence, and Transformative Directions
Guadalupe T. Luna

Alienated: A Reworking of the Racialization Thesis After September 11
Ming H. Chen

“Immutability” and Stigma: Towards a More Progressive Equal Protection Rights Discourse
M. Katherine Baird Darmer

(Law) Breaking Gender: In Search of Transformative Gender Law
Richael Faithful

Guantánamo as Outside and Inside the U.S.: Why is a Base a Legal Anomaly?
Ernesto Hernández-López

The Person in Law, The Number in Math: Improved Analysis of the Subject as Foundation for a Noveau Régime
Orlando I. Martínez-García

The Right to Confrontation Compromised: Monolingual Jurists Subjectively Assessing the English-Language Abilities of Spanish-Dominant Accused
Lupe S. Salinas & Janelle Martinez

The Legal Paradigm: Changes in Law to Help End the Status Quo

Cluster Introduction:
Of State, Market and Justice: Latcritical Challenges to Theory, Praxis and Policy
Francisco Valdes

Bobbitt, the Rise of the Market State, and Race
George A. Martinez

Gimme Some More: Centering Gender and Inequality in Criminal Justice and Discretion Discourse
Shaun Ossei-Owusu

Insiders Versus Outsiders: A Game-Theoretic Analysis of the Puerto Rican Status Debate and Other “Legislative Wars of Attrition”
F.E. Guerra-Pujol

Lessons From the Financial Meltdown: Global Feminism, Critical Race Theory, and the Struggle for Substantive Justice
Gary Minda

Slums, Slumdogs, and Resistance
Tayyab Mahmud

Outsider Intellectuals: Identity, Responsibility, and Method

Cluster Introduction:
Shaking Out the Welcom Mat for an Enduring Latcrit Social Movement
Elvia R. Arriola

The Struggling Class: Replacing an Insider White Female Middle Class Dream With Struggling Black Female Reality
Angela Mae Kupenda

Out of Many, One People; E Pluribus Unum: An Analysis of Self-Identity in the Context of Race, Ethnicity, and Context of Race
Kamille Wolff

Latina/o (Public/Legal) Intellectuals, Social Crises, and Contemporary Social Movements
Marc-Tizoc Gonzáles

Trying a New Way: Barack Obama’s Tolerance of Intolerance
Stephanie L. Phillips

Engaged Intellectuals: Comments on the Crisis of the Latina/o Public Intellectual
Martin Saavedra

Sen. Jarrett T. Barrios

Beautifully Powerful: A Latcrit Reflection on Coming to an Epistemological Consciousness and the Power of Testimonio
Lindsay Pérez Huber

Afterword: The Latrit Task Force Recommendations
Marc-Tizoc González
Yanira Reyes
Belkys Torres
Charles R. Venator-Santiago


From Corporate Express to FedEx Home Delivery: A New Hurdle for Employees Seeking the Protections of the National Labor Relations Act in the D.C. Circuit
Jamison F. Grella

But I Love Him! Why the Sixth Circuit Erred In Thompson v. North American Stainless, LP by Denying a Third Party Retaliation Claim Under Title VII
Angela J. Schnell