Volume 19, Number 4

Symposium: Lawyers’ Special Responsibilities as Public Citizens in a Rapidly Changing World

Susan D. Carle

Organizational Representation and the Frontiers of Gatekeeping
William H. Simon

The Market for Public Interest Law Services
Scott Cummings

Legal Access and Attorney Advertising
Nora Freeman Engstrom

Trust and the Global Law Firm
Robert K. Vischer

Transcripts: Assisting Law Students with Disabilities in the 21st Century

Welcome Remarks
David Jaffe

Kicking Down the Door to Employment I: Of Mentors and Schedule A
Myra Wilder
Jo Linda Johnson
William Phelan
Ollie D. Cantos VII

Kicking Down the Door to Employment II: Resources and How to Access Them
Paula Nailon
Sheri Denkensohn
Andy Imparato
Isaac Lidsky

The International Law Student: Culture, Access, and When We’ll Stop Scrambling
Fanta Aw
Sandra P. Buteau
Myra Wilder

Keynote Speaker
Patricia A. Shiu

Technology: Are You (And Your Vendors) Ahead Of, Or On the Curve?
Kenneth Hirsh
Sharon Krevor-Weisbaum
Gary Norman
Bryan Rapp

Research Project Bar Examination Accommodations for ADHD Graduates
Neha Sampat
Esme Grant

Selected Bibliography Relating to Law Students and Lawyers with Disabilities
Adeen Postar


Interpreting Judicial Interpretations of the Criminal Statutes of the Trafficking Victims Protection Act: Ten Years Later
Mohamed Y. Mattar


“Custody” in Custody: Redefining Miranda Rights in Prison
Maya Dominguez

Christian Legal Society v. Martinez: How an Obscure First Amendment Case Inadvertently and Unexpectedly Created a Significant Fourteenth Amendment Advance for LGBT Rights Advocates
Max Kanin


Tapping Into Police Conduct: The Improper Use of Wiretapping Laws to Prosecute Citizens Who Record On-Duty Police
J. Peter Bodri

Mosaic Theory and the Fourth Amendment: How Jones Can Save Privacy in the Fact of Evolving Technology
Madelaine Virginia Ford