Volume 15, Number 3


The Parentage Puzzle: The Interplay Between Genetics, Procreative Intent, and Parental Conduct in Determining Legal Parentage
Deborah H. Wald, Esq.

"Not Quite One Gender or the Other": Marriage Law and the Containment of Gender Trouble in the United Kingdom
Dr. Lisa Fishbayn

A Gendered Update on Women Law Deans: Who, Where, Why, and Why Not?
Laura M. Padilla


Taking The "Banks" Out of Banks v. Gonzales: DNA Databanks and the Fourth Amendment Prohibition on Unreasonable Searches and Seizures
Heather Bennett

Supplementing State Workers' Compensation Laws With Causes of Action Under State Common Law Regimes for Employee Third-Party Sexual Harassment Suits Against Employers
Anik A. Shah

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