Volume 13, Number 3


Contesting Conservatisms, Family Feuds and the Privatization of Dependency
Brenda Cossman

Costs of an Outdated Pedagogy? Study on Gender at Harvard Law School
Adam Neufeld

Short Story

The Legal Fiction of the Lake Matchimanitou Indian School
Matthew L.M. Fletcher


Gonzales v. United States Air Force: Should Courts Consider Rape to be Incident to Military Service?
Elizabeth A. Reidy

For Crying Out Loud: Ohio�s Legal Battle With Public Breastfeding and Hope for the Future
Brianne Whelan

Current Events

Roper v. Simmons
125 S.Ct. 1183 (2005)
Jennifer Eswari Borra

Fair v. Rumsfeld
390 F.3d 219 (3d Cir. 2004)
Michael J. Collins

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