Volume 13, Number 1


The Feminism and Legal Theory Project: Celebrating Twenty Years of Feminist Pedagogy, Praxis and Prisms

Introduction to a Symposium Celebrating the Twentieth Anniversary of the Feminism and Legal Theory Project
Pamela Bridgewater

Institutions and the Development of Legal Theory: The Significance of the Feminism and Legal Theory Project
Ann Shalleck

Feminist Legal Theory
Martha Albertson Fineman

Rethinking the Masculine Character of the Legal Profession: A Case Study of Female Legal Professionals and their Gendered Life in Taiwan
Shu-Chin Grace Kuo

A Broader Vision of the Reproductive Rights Movement: Fusing Mainstream and Latina Feminism
Angela Hooton

Feminist Theory and the Erosion of Women's Reproductive Rights: The Implications of Fetal Personhood Laws and In Vitro Fertilization
Lisa McLennan Brown

Latinas in Legal Education - Through the Doors of Opportunity: Assimilation, Marginalization, Cooptation or Transformation?
Antoinette Sedillo Lopez

"Every Shut Eye, Ain't Sleep": Exploring The Impact of Crack Cocaine Sentencing and the Illusion of Reproductive Rights for Black Women from a Critical Race Feminist Perspective
Deleso Alford Washington

Toward A Feminist Revision of Torts
Jennifer B. Wriggins

An Experiment in Integrating Critical Theory and Clinical Education
Margaret E. Johnson


Mental Health Parity for Children and Adolescents: How Private Insurance Discrimination and ERISA Have Kept American Youth From Getting the Treatment They Need
Elizabeth S. Boison

Current Events

Pennsylvania State Police v. Suders
124 S. CT. 2342 (2004)
LeiLani J. Hart

Elk Grove Unified School District v. Newdow
124 S. CT. 2301 (2004)
Rachel Prouser

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