Volume 11, Number 2


Confronting Domestic Violence and Achieving Gender Equality: Evaluating Battered Women & Feminist Lawmaking by Elizabeth Schneider

Feminist Inquiry and Action: Introduction to a Symposium on Confronting Domestic Violence and Achieving Gender Equality: Evaluating Battered Women & Feminist Lawmaking by Elizabeth Schneider
Ann Shalleck

Applying the Discrimination Model to Violence Against Women: Some Reflections on Theory and Practice
Sally F. Goldfarb

Silence Compounded - the Conjunction of Race and Gender Violence
Zanita E. Fenton

The Race Card: Dealing With Domestic Violence in the Courts
Leslie Espinoza Garvey

The Pedagogy of Domestic Violence Law: Situating Domestic Violence Work in Law Schools, Adding the Lenses of Race and Class
Sarah M. Buel

Battered Women, Child Maltreatment, Prison, and Poverty: Issues for Theory and Practice
Naomi R. Cahn

Battering Through the Lens of Class
Jody Raphael

Doubly Victimized: Housing Discrimination Against Victims of Domestic Violence
Leonora M. Lapidus

On Culture, Difference, and Domestic Violence
Leti Volpp

Ginger Rogers Dancing Backwards in Red High Heels– Feminist Lawmaking and Domestic Violence
Bette Garlow

Advancing Equality in Domestic Violence Law Reform
Julie Goldscheid

Wading into Professor Schneider's "Murky Middle Ground" Between Acceptance and Rejection of Criminal Justice Responses to Domestic Violence
Holly Maguigan

Domestic Violence and the Maryland Family Violence Option
Karen Syma Czapanskiy

Transforming Aggressive Prosecution Policies: Prioritizing Victims' Long-Term Safety in the Prosecution of Domestic Violence Cases
Deborah Epstein
Margaret E. Bell
Lisa A. Goodman

Engaging With The State: The Growing Reliance on Lawyers and Judges To Protect Battered Women
Jane C. Murphy

The "Pitiless Double Abuse" of Battered Mothers
Justine A. Dunlap

Why Do You Do The Things You Do? Clemency for Battered Incarcerated Women, A Decade's Review
Linda L. Ammons

Fact-Finding in Civil Domestic Violence Cases: Secondary Traumatic Stress and the Need for Compassionate Witness
Ann E. Freedman

Domestic Violence, Child Custody, and Child Protection: Understanding Judicial Resistance and Imaging the Solutions
Joan S. Meier

The Potential and Challenges of Transnational Litigation for Feminist Concerned about Domestic Violence Here and Abroad
Merle H. Weiner

Criminalizing Dowry Deaths: The Indian Experience
Judith G. Greenberg

Theories of Domestic Violence in the African Context
Cynthia Grant Bowman

International Human Rights Dimensions of Intimate Violence: Another Strand in the Dialectic of Feminist Lawmaking
Rhonda Copelon

Feminist Lawmaking On-Line: The FIVERS Domestic Violence Listserve
Kathleen Waits

Battering, Forgiveness, and Redemption
Brenda V. Smith

What Feminist Pedagogy has Wrought
Zipporah Batshaw Wiseman

Afterword: The Perils and Pleasures of Activist Scholarship
Elizabeth M. Schneider

Book Review
Battered Women and Feminist Lawmaking

Molly Dragiewicz


Culture is no Defense for Infanticide
Michele Wen Chen Wu

Low-Income Parents Victimized by Child Protective Services
Candra Bullock

Current Events

Tahoe-Sierra Preservation Council, Inc. v. Tahoe Regional Planning Agency 122 S. Ct. 1465 (2002)
Mary Ernesti

Board of Education of Independent School District No. 92 of Pottawatomie County v. Earls 122 S. Ct. 2559 (2002)
Althea Izawa-Hayden

The California Family Temporary Disability Insurance Program
Natalie Koss

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