Volume 11, Number 1


Homophobia in the Halls of Justice: Sexual Orientation Bias and Its Implications Withing the Legal System

Introduction to Symposium: Homophobia in the Halls of Justice: Sexual Orientation Bias and its Implications Within the Legal System
Pamela Bridgewater
Brenda V. Smith

Opening Remarks
Michael B. Shortnacy

Dissecting Axes of Subordination: The Need for A Structural Analysis
Darren Lenard Hutchinson

Discovering and Addressing Sexual Orientation Bias in Arizona's Legal System
Amelia Craig Cramer

Obstacle Courts: Results of Two Studies on Sexual Orientation Fairness in the California Courts
Todd Brower

Adjudication According to Codes of Judicial Conduct
Jennifer Gerarda Brown

Sexual Orientation Bias: The Substantive Limits of Legal Ethics Rules
William C. Duncan

The Complex Uses of Sexual Orientation in Criminal Court
Abbe Smith

The Ethics of Narrative
Muneer I. Ahmad

Third Annual Peter M. Cicchino Awards Program: Lawyering at the Margins

Lawyering at the Margins: On Reason and Emotion
Leti Volpp

Lawyering at the Margins
Michael Barbosa

Lawyering for Human Dignity
Martha Minow


For Those Who Have Faith
Peter Cicchino


Making Kids Toe the Line in the Old Line State: The Disparate Application of Public School Discipline Polices in Maryland
Allison I. Fultz

Current Events

Chevron U.S.A., Inc. v. Echazabal 122S. Ct. 2045 (2002)
David Yee

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