Volume 9, Number 2


Surveying Gender Bias at One Midwestern Law School,
Lisa A. Wilson & David H. Taylor

Low-Life-Sleazy-Big-Haired-Trailer-Park Girl v. The President: the Paula Jones Case and the Law Of Sexual Harassment
Barbara Palmer, Judith Baer, Amy Jasperson & Jacqueline DeLaat

Redefining Violence: Some Thoughts about Justice, Power, Peace, Respect, and the Fabric of Our Social Experience
Sharon S. Harzenski

How Broad is the Fundamental Right to Privacy and Personal Autonomy? - On What Grounds Should the Ban on the Sale of Sexually Stimulating Devices be Considered Unconstitutional?
Maggie Ilene Kaminer

Europe Enters a New Millennium with Gays in the Military while the United States Drowns in Don't Ask, Don't Tell: Twin Decisions by the European Court of Human Rights
Scott Morris

Current Events

Boy Scouts of America v. Dale
530 U.S. 640 (2000)

United States v. Morrison
529 U.S. 598 (2000)

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