Volume 9, Number 1

The First Annual Peter Cicchino Awards For Outstanding
Advocacy In The Public Interest Panel Discussion

Defending Humanity
Peter M. Cicchino

Introductory Remarks to the Peter M. Cicchino Award Symposium & Ceremony
Dean Claudio Grossman

Opening Remarks
Professor Peter M. Cicchino

To Peter Cicchino, From the Heart
Professor Richard E. Blum

Using Our Words to Let in the World: A Tribute to Peter Cicchino and the Art of Speaking Out
Julia Gordon

A Comment on Peter Cicchino's "Defending Humanity"
Professor Randall Kennedy

Taking Risks to Uplift Humanity: A Tribute to Peter Cicchino
Julie A. Su

A Defender of Humanity: In Honor of Peter Cicchino
Professor Leti Volpp

Closing Thoughts
Professor Peter M. Cicchino

Reason, Justice and Love: The Constitutional Humanism of Peter Cicchino
Professor Jamin B. Raskin

Historical Perspectives on Pro Bono Lawyering

Introductory Remarks to "Historical Perspectives of Pro Bono Lawyering"
Dean Claudio Grossman

Race Expectations: Arkansas African-American Attorneys
Professor Judith Kilpatrick

Re-Envisioning Models for Pro Bono Lawyering: Some Historical Reflections
Professor Susan D. Carle

Mobilizing Legal Talent for a Cause: the National Woman's Party and the Campaign to Make Jury Service for Women a Federal Right
Professor Richard F. Hamm

Our Better Half: A Public Interest Lawyer Reflects on Pro Bono Lawyering and Social Change Litigation
Martha F. Davis

A Social-Democratic Critique of Pro Bono Publico Representation of the Poor: The Good as the Enemy of the Best
Professor Rob Atkinson

The Lawyer and Public Service
Professor Russell G. Pearce


Mary Daily v. Boston College: The Impermissibility of Single-Sex Classrooms Within a Private University
Maryam Ahranjani

The G.I.F.T. of Two Biological and Legal Mothers
Ryiah Lilith

Current Events

Troxel v. Granville
120 S.Ct. 2054 (2000)

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