Volume 8, Number 1

Symposium:  Gender, Work & Family Project Inaugural Feminist Legal Theory Lecture

Adrienne D. Davis & Joan C. Williams

Cracking the Foundational Myths:  Independence, Autonomy, and Self-Sufficiency
Martha Albertson Fineman

Cracking Foundations as Feminist Method
Katharine T. Bartlett

Subsidy for Caretaking in Families:  Lessons from Foster Care
Catharine J. Ross & Naomi R. Cahn

Building on Foundational Myths:  Feminism and the Recovery of "Human Nature":  A Response to Martha Fineman
Peter M. Cicchino

Promoting Family by Promoting Work:  The Hole in Martha Fineman's Doughnut
Peter B. Edelman

Social Programs and Manageable Units
Saul Levmore

Subsidized Lives and the Ideology of Efficiency
Martha T. McCluskey

Caretakers, Entitlement, and Diversity
Twila L. Perry

Why Lesbians and Gay Men Should Read Martha Fineman
Nancy D. Polikoff

Bursting the Foundational Myths of Reproductive Labor Under Capitalism:  A Call for Brave New Families or Brave New Villages?
Mary Romero

Foundational Myths and the Reality of Dependency:  The Role of Marriage
Ann Shalleck

Breaking Up Is Hard To Do:  Comments on Martha Fineman's Cracking the Foundational Myths:  Independence, Autonomy, and Self-Sufficiency,
Suzanna Danuta Walters

Current Events

Illinois v. Wardlow
No. 98-1036, 2000 WL 16315 (U.S. Jan. 12, 2000).

Baehr v. Miike
No. 20371, 1999 Haw. LEXIS 391 (Haw. Dec. 9, 1999).

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