Volume 7, Number 2

About the Conference

The Women and International Law Program


Gender, Legal Education, and Judicial Philosophy in the Region
Claudio Grossman

Feminist Theory and Feminist Method: Transforming the Experience of the Classroom
Ann Shalleck

Legal Doctrine and the Gender Issue in Brazil
Leila Linhares Barsted & Jacqueline Hermann

Integrating Gender Perspective into Brazilian Legal Doctrine and Education: Challenges and Possibilities
Flávia Piovesan

Integrating Gender into Legal Education: Obstacles and Challenges
Leonor Vain

Pedagogy and Law:  Ideas for Integrating Gender into Legal Education
Marclea V. Rodríguez

Integrating Gender into Legal Education:  The Obstacles, Challenges, and Possibilities
Marcela Huaita Alegre

Why Does the Method Matter?
Lorena Fries & Ver&ooacute;nica Matus

Gender and Law:  The Social Science Perspective
Mireya Suárez

Conceptualizing the Law from a Gender Perspective:  Conceptions Regarding Victim and Accused
Gladys Acosta Vargas

Comment on the Paper by Gladys Acosta
Martin D. Farrell

Women's Human Rights in the Framework of Argentine Domestic Law:  Treatment Since the Return to Democracy
María Teresa Flores

Gender and the Law:  Mexican Legislation on Domestic Violence
Marta Torres Falcón

The Law:  An Art or a Science?
Alda Facio

Is Law and Art or a Science?:  Comments on Objectivity, Feminism, and Power
Joan Williams

Language and the Law
Yadira Calvo

Women and Jurisprudence
Ma. Elodia Robles Sotomayor

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