Volume 6, Number 1


Centennial Panel Two Decades of Intermediate Scrutiny: Evaluating Equal Protection for Women

Revisiting Equality: Feminist Thought About Intermediate Scrutiny
Ann Shalleck

Reflections on the VMI Decision
Deborah L. Brake

Diversity: The Red Herring of Equal Protection
Sharon Elizabeth Rush

A Postscript on VMI
Elizabeth Schneider

The Treatment of Women Prisoners After the VMI Decision: Application of a New "Heightened Scrutiny"
Rosemary M. Kennedy

Female Genital Mutilation: United States Asylum Laws Are in Need of Reform
Amy Stern

Expanding the Feminist Imagination: An Analysis of Reproductive Rights
Edith L. Pacillo

Sexual Harassment Proscriptive Polices of the European Community, Ireland, and New Zealand
John C. Penn

Limiting Liability Through Education: Do School Districts Have a Responsibility to Teach Students About Peer Sexual Harassment?
Diane M. Welsh

Crushing Equality: Gender Equal Sentencing in America
Christopher M. Alexander

Sex Discrimination and Sexual Harassment in Agricultural Labor
Maria M. Dominguez

Creative Writing

The Day Girl and the Night Boy
Susan McDermott

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