Volume 3, Number 2


Remarks of a Former Welfare Recipient on Selected State Legislative Developments in Welfare
Nitza I. Vera

Combining Class Action Litigation and Social Science Research: A Case Study in Helping Homeless Women With Children
Lynee Soine
Mary Ann Burg

Gay Men Creating Families Through Surro-Gay Arrangements: A Paradigm for Reproductive Freedom
Marla J. Hollandsworth

If Anybody Ask You Who I Am: An Outsider's Story of the Duty to Establish Paternity
Lisa Kelly

What If Mary Sue Wanted an Abortion Instead? The Effect of Davis v. Davis on Abortion Rights
Chrisitina L. Misner

Recognizing Acquaintance Rape in Potentially Consensual Situations: a Re-Examination of Thomas Hardy's Tess of the D'Urbervilles
Kathleen F. Cairney

Creative Writing

One of the Guys
David L. Marin

Silenced Justice
S.D. Schwinn

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