Volume 64, Number 1

IN MEMORIAM: Charles H. Koch
Stephen Wermiel


The Supremacy Clause, Cooperative Federalism, and the Full Regulatory Purpose
Adam Babich

Equitable Power in the Time of Budget Austerity: The Problem of Judicial Remedies for Unconstitutional Delays in Claims Processing by Federal Agencies
James D. Ridgway

Avoiding Normative Canons in the Review of Administrative Interpretations of Law: A Brand X Doctrine of Constitutional Avoidance
Christopher J. Walker

Foreign Administrative Law and International Taxation: A Case Study of Treaty Implementation in China
Wei Cui


The Game of the Name: Shortcomings in Dual-Agency Review of Drug Trademarks and a Remedial Cure
Ty Halasz

Sitting on the Bench: The Failure of Youth Football Helmet Regulation and the Necessity of Government Intervention
Jason Navia


An Important Member of the Family: The Role of Regulatory Exemptions in Administrative Procedure
Sean D. Croston

Flip the Coin to the Fed: A Comment on the Dysfunctional Relationship Among the Federal Reserve System, Congress and the United States Mint
Keeley McCarty