Volume 63, Special Edition




Introduction to the OIRA 30th Anniversary Conference
Richard J. Pierce, Jr.

Smarter Regulation: Remarks from Cass Sunstein
Cass Sunstein

OIRA at Thirty
Christopher DeMuth

Regulatory Review Issues, October 1985–February 1988
Wendy L. Gramm

OIRA's Formative Years: The Historical Reocrd of Centralized Regulatory Review Preceding OIRA's Founding
Jim Tozzi

The Evolution of Regulatory Oversight—CWPS to OIRA
Thomas D. Hopkins

Observations on OIRA's Policies and Procedures
Arthur Fraas

The Early Days of Reagan Regulatory Relief and Suggestions for OIRA's Future
James C. Miller III

OIRA at Thirty: Reflections and Recommendations
Sally Katzen

Observations on OIRA's Thirtieth Anniversary
Susan E. Dudley

Obscure but Powerful: Who Are Those Guys?
Donald R. Arbuckle

OIRA Inside and Out
Stuart Shapiro

Outside Communications and OIRA Review of Agency Regulations
Steven J. Balla, Jennifer M. Deets, and Forrest Maltzman

Does OIRA Review Improve the Quality of Regulatory Impact Analysis? Evidence from the Final Year of the Bush II Administration
Patrick A. McLaughlin and Jerry Ellig

Analyzing the Destruction of Human Capital by Regulations
Paul Noe

On the Economic Analysis of Regulations at Independent Regulatory Commissions
Arthur Fraas and Randall Lutter