Volume 62, Number 1




Making Sense of Procedural Injury
Richard J. Pierce, Jr.

Hiding Nondelegation in Mouseholes
Jacob Loshin & Aaron Nielson

Administrative Law in the Roberts Court: The First Four Years
Robin Kundis Craig



Regulation Reloaded: The Administrative Law of Firearms After District of Columbia v. Heller
Jonathan Zimmer

Securities Pirates: Why a More Expansive Basis for Jurisdiction over Transnational Securities Fraud Will Prevent the United States from Turning into the Barbary Coast
Jonathan Wang



Regulatory Review in the Obama Administration: Cost–Benefit Analysis for Everyone
Helen G. Boutrous

International Judicial Assistance in Antitrust Enforcement: The Shortcomings of Current Practices and Legislation, and the Roles of International Organizations
Peter J. White

Achieving the Potential: The Future of Federal e-Rulemaking (2009)