Volume 62, Number 3


Seeing the State: Transparency as Metaphor
Mark Fenster

A History of the Military Authority Exception in the Administrative Procedure Act
Kathryn E. Kovacs

"Your Results May Vary": Protecting Students and Taxpayers Through Tighter Regulation of Proprietary School Representations
Aaron N. Taylor

New Governance, Financial Regulation, and Challenges to Legitimacy: The Example of the Internal Models Approach to Capital Adequacy Regulation
Robert F. Weber


In Name Only: Employee Participation Programs and Delegated Managerial Authority after Crown Cork & Seal
Joseph D. Richardson


Congress and the Courts Close Their Eyes: The Continuing Abdication of the Duty to Review Agencies' Noncompliance with the Congressional Review Act
Sean D. Croston

The Economics of Railroad "Captive Shipper" Legislation
Russell Pittman