Volume 62, Number 2


On Judicial Discretion in Statutory Interpretation
H. Miles Foy, III

Coerced Participation in Clinical Trials: Conscripting Human Research Subjects
Lars Noah

Through the Doughnut Hole: Reimaginging the Social Security Contribution and Benefit Base Limit
Patricia E. Dilley

Defining Deference Down, Again: Independent Agencies, Chevron Deference, and Fox
Randolph J. May

A Survey of Federal Agency Rulemakers' Attitudes About e-Rulemaking
Jeffrey Lubbers


Over the Counter, Under the Radar: How the Zicam Incident Came About Under FDA's Historic Homeopathic Exception
Amy Gaither

A Look at the Recovery Act and Its Effect on the Community Development Block Grant Entitlement Program
Mary Beth Johnson Pavlik

Statutory Struggles of Administrative Agencies: The Director of National Intelligence and the CIA in a Post-9/11 World
Lauren C. Clark


Politics, Rulemaking, and Judicial Review: A Response to Professor Watts
Enrique Armijo

Proximity, Presumptions, and Public Participation: Reforming Standing at the Nuclear Regulatory Commission
David A. Repka
Tyson R. Smith

The Supreme Court Makes It Harder to Contest Administrative Agency Policy Shifts in FCC v. Fox Television Stations, Inc.
Charles Christopher Davis