Program on International Organizations, Law and Diplomacy - Geneva

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Flights: Participants are individually responsible for purchasing air travel to and from Geneva. We advise you to make sure to know the airline’s penalties for changes before making a purchase. United Airlines has a direct flight from Washington Dulles to Geneva; many other airlines offer connecting flights with a transfer in a US or European city (these are usually less expensive). Flights from the US to Geneva are generally overnight (so flight departure would be Sunday, June 25th). Participants should plan to arrive to the housing on Monday, June 26th and plan to depart on Friday, July 14th.

Housing and class dates: The program fees include basic student housing (dormatory style) in Geneva. Check-in is Monday, June 27th. The welcome dinner will take place downtown that evening. Classes begin on Tuesday, June 28th. Classes meet every weekday (Saturdays and Sundays are free). Class meetings are generally two hours per day for each course, but will vary depending on site visits. The last day of classes is Thursday, July 14th. Check-out and departure is on Friday, July 15th. The program fees also include a Geneva local transportation pass for trams and buses in the city.

Financial aid (for those enrolling for academic credit): Please be in contact with the WCL Office of Financial Aid regarding your status (there is a supplemental form to be filed). Students must be enrolled for 6 credits over the summer to qualify (this means taking 2 credits in Washington in addition to the 4 you will earn in Geneva). See the Cost of Attendance at the bottom of this page.

Visas: Participants who are US, Canadian, and Schengen Area citizens will not need a visa since the program will be a short-term visit. For others, please see the information here and a list by country here. If you do need a visa please make sure to contact the appropriate consulate and get it as soon as possible.

Participants need to bring a laptop computer as most of the course reading assignments will be made available online and exams will be taken online. Printing facilities are not readily available (and commercial services are somewhat expensive). It is also a good idea to bring a laptop lock as well as an adapter for Swiss electric outlets.

Dress: As part of our classes will be held in the offices of international organizations, we ask that students wear professional/business attire (keep in mind that the weather should be warm).

Emergency/travel insurance: American University academic credit students are covered by the university’s travel insurance (used in case of emergencies) while on AU study abroad programs.

Certificate of Completion (non-credit) participants should make sure that their insurance will cover them while abroad and/or should look into purchasing emergency/travel insurance from a reputable company.




ABA-Required Study Abroad Program Disclosures

1. Program dates

June 27– July 15, 2016

2. Program location(s)

Geneva, Switzerland

3. Description of program

The Geneva Summer Program on International Organizations, Law and Diplomacy offers students an in-depth look at international issues through direct contact with experts on international trade, intellectual property, labor, and human rights/humanitarian law at organizations such as WIPO, ILO, and the WTO. PIOLD provides legal and soft skills for lawyers who need to navigate the changing architecture of global governance in a multicultural environment.

4. Anticipated enrollment

40-45 participants

5. Relationship with foreign institution (if any beyond facilities and minimal services)


6. Number of students who participated last year from WCL


7. Number of students who participated last year from guest institutions


8. Countries likely to be represented by students

US, Canada, Mexico, EU, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Peru, South Korea, and more (based on past enrollment)

9. Number of students from countries likely to be represented

Majority likely to be from the US

10. Description of each course (including credits)

11. Schedule of classes (including days and times for each)

12. Student performance requirements

Students are expected to attend and participate in classes and successfully pass the written final exam.

13. Grading method

Grades will be based on the final exam, attendance, and participation.

14. Enrollment limitations on any course offered

Each pair of classes has a maximum enrollment of 25 students (45 for the Geneva program in total).

15. Criteria for enrollment (including prerequisites)

Candidates for J.D., LL.M., S.J.D., and M.A. degrees (with a focus on international organizations, law and diplomacy) may enroll for academic credit. Practitioners and non-US students may enroll for a Certificate of Completion at the discretion of the program director.

16. Statement that student's home school determines acceptance of credit received (for course, externship or clinical offering)

Applicants who intend to transfer credits should inquire about their law school’s policy on that issue: acceptance of any credit or grade for any course taken in the program, including externships or any clinical offerings, is subject to determination by the student’s home school. Applicants should be aware that participation in the program is unlikely to accelerate graduation for a full-time student.

17. Descriptive biography of the program director

18. Descriptive biographies (including academic credentials and experience) of each faculty member contributing to a course

19. Information of informed contact person at each sponsoring law school (name, address, telephone, fax)

Marc LeBlanc, Program Coordinator
American University Washington College of Law
4300 Nebraska Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20016-8181
P: 202-274-4048
F: 202-895-4533

20. Complete statement of tuition

21. Complete statement of fees

22. Complete statement of anticipated living costs and other expected costs

23. Description of housing

The program fees include basic student housing (dormatory style) in Geneva.

24. Description and location of classrooms

Classes will be held in the facilities of the relevant international organizations including the WTO, ILO, WIPO, related non-governmental organizations, and rented hotel conference room (if needed).

25. Description and location of administrative offices

Administrative offices are at the Washington College of Law (see contact above) and will also be on-site during the program.

26. Accessibility of country, city and facilities to students with disabilities

While in Switzerland, individuals with disabilities may find accessibility and accommodation different from what you find in the United States. Certain difficulties may be encountered for people with disabilities, and Switzerland is in the process of improving these facilities.

27. Circumstances under which the program is subject to cancellation

The program is subject to cancellation due to insufficient enrollment, force majeure, a US State Department Travel Warning or other good cause.

28. How cancellation will be communicated to students

Students will be contacted through the email address provided when they registered. It will also be posted to the program website.

29. What arrangements will be made in the event of cancellation

In the event of cancellation, best efforts will be made to place students in alternative programs.

30. Information about any prior cancellations (if any)


31. State Department travel information

No warnings currently in effect.

32. Refund policy in the event of student withdrawal

In the event of student withdrawal, the $100 application fee and the $500 seat deposit are non-refundable. If a student withdraws before the program begins, all additional payments will be refunded with the exception of committed lodging payments which may not be recouped. If a student withdraws after the program begins, all additional payments except those used for room and board before the withdrawal will be refunded.

33. Refund Policy in the event of program cancellation or termination

In the event of program cancellation or termination, students will be refunded any unused program fees they have paid, other than the application fee.

In the event of student withdrawal or program cancellation prior to the commencement of a program due to a significant program change or due to the issuance of a US State Department Travel Warning or Alert, students shall receive a full refund of monies advanced within twenty (20) days after the cancellation or withdrawal.

In the event of student withdrawal or program termination during the course of a program due to a significant program change or due to the issuance of a US State Department Travel Warning or Alert, students shall be refunded fees paid except for room and board payments utilized prior to the date of termination or withdrawal.

For more information, contact:

Fernanda Nicola, Director
Marc LeBlanc, Coordinator