International and Comparative Law Workshops

Launched in 2013, WCL’s International and Comparative Law Workshop Series provides an opportunity for the scholarly exchange of ideas relating to international and comparative law.  Leading scholars from inside and outside American  University are invited to present papers or other works in progress.  If you would be interested in presenting, please contact the Workshop organizers, Prof. Fernanda Nicola (fnicola@wcl) or Prof. Janie Chuang (jchuang@wcl).

WCL International and Comparative Law Workshops

Spring 2014

  • Monday, January 27, Room 600, Presentation by Professor Macarena Saez (WCL) on Transforming Family Law Through Same-sex Marriage: Lessons from around the world, Commentator: Professor Nancy Polikoff (WCL)

    Wednesday, February 26, Room 601, Presentation by Professor Anil Kalhan, (Drexel Law School) on Immigration Surveillance, Commentator: Professor Jayesh Rathod (WCL)

    Tuesday, March 25, Room 103, Presentation by Dean Claudio Grossman (WCL) on The Evolving Practice of the UN Committee Against Torture, Commentator: Rick Wilson (WCL)

    Monday, April 14, Room 401, Presentation by Dean Sebastiano Maffettone, (LUISS School of Political Sciences) on Global Justice Commentator: Kenneth Anderson (WCL)

Fall 2013

  • Thursday, September 19, Room 504, International and Comparative Law Faculty Lighting Rounds (Introduction and brief presentations by WCL faculties interested in attending the workshop). Brown bag lunch.

  • Thursday, November 21, Room 600, “Comparative Constitutional Law in Action: Korea, Taiwan, and Japan” presentation by Professor David S. Law, Washington University, Saint Louis, Commentator: Steve Vladeck.

The workshops are sponsored by ILSP and are open to all WCL faculties teaching, researching, or interested in the field. The meetings will take place from 12:00 PM to 1:30 PM. For ideas or thoughts please email the organizers Fernanda Nicola ( and Janie Chuang (