Law, Justice and Development Week at the World Bank


LJDW PhotoBetween October 20th and 24th, WCL students participated in the World Bank’s Law, Justice and Development Week. The event was co-organized by the Bank’s Legal Department and this year focused on the role of law and justice in the post-2015 development agenda. Over 200 participants representing academia, international development institutions, governments, lawyers, and civil society attended the weeklong event that brought them together in both large lectures and small informal panels.

The 10-member student team covered each session and wrote blog posts on the rich discussion, including the role of human rights in the post-2015 development agenda, the development and implementation of sustainable development goals, and addressing disability inclusion in the post-2015 goals. Students also conducted taped interviews with speakers of the sessions to gain further insight into issues raised during the discussion.

PIOLD co-hosted a reception at the end of the first day of the event at the World Bank, and had some of its students attend these events and help in the organization, which allowed them the opportunity to expand their knowledge of the various areas of development and to meet people working directly with those issues. Collaboration with the World Bank in promoting and reporting on this year’s LJD Week further underscores WCL’s strong focus on international issues, especially within the PIOLD program. Designed to be an ongoing collaboration, this year’s student participation – through tweeting and blogging – has laid the foundation for continued work with the World Bank focused on the intersection of law and development worldwide.