Presentation by Judge Siniša Rodin of the Court of Justice of the European Union


Sinisa Rodin Event PhotoOn Tuesday, October 21st, PIOLD, the European Law Association at WCL and the School of Public Affairs (SPA) teamed up to welcome Judge Siniša Rodin, the Croatian judge appointed since July 2013 at the Court of Justice of the European Union, for a presentation at AUWCL on "Judging at the European Court of Justice." Judge Siniša Rodin addressed the principal critiques against the Court of Justice of the European Union, especially the lack of dissenting opinions, and the inability to control its own docket. He insightfully explained the ways through which European judges make their reasoning visible and reach transparency in their decisions such as focusing of the judge rapporteur of each case, the Advocate General’s option and by comparing who is sitting in the different chambers. Additionally, he explained the different judicial strategies including the use of Chambers of three versus fifteen judges depending on the relevance of the decisions at stake.The talk and questions allowed students to understand how the European legal system and legal culture, including the influence of civil law consciousness, justify this structural difference between the American judicial system and the European system.