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International Opportunities

LL.M. in International Legal Studies

Through an interdisciplinary approach to international law, our faculty, students, and staff respond to today's global challenges by engaging the world through advocacy, outreach, and scholarship.

Please explore the left-hand navigation bar as well as the listing of events to the right to learn more about the international opportunities, scholarly work, and activities at the Washington College of Law.

Recent Highlights

May 05, 2016

WCL Alum First Lawyer to be Appointed Committee Chair

Gabriel Eckstein, a ’95 and ’97 alum, who received both his JD and LLM from WCL, was recently appointed Chair of the International Scientific Committee for the XVI Triennial World Water Congress, as well as a member of the Congress’ International Steering Committee. Currently, Eckstein is a professor at Texas A&M University of Law within the Water Management & Hydrological Science Program. This is a great honor for Eckstein who is the first lawyer to hold this position. Of this he said, said "In the 45-year history of the Congress, this post was typically reserved for a high level water scientist. It is a tremendous honor to be the first legal scholar to serve in this role." Much of this role has to do with the planning and organization of the Congress and deciding on content. For additional information on this story, please see this article or this article.

April 13, 2016

Women’s Rights in Afghanistan: Progress & Ongoing Challenges

Sponsored by The Women and the Law Program, ILSP LL.M. student, Madina Qasimi, led a discussion on the successes and challenges surrounding the struggle for equal rights for women in Afghanistan. Speaking alongside Madina was Lael Mohib, Founder and Director of the Enabled Children Initiative and Former Chief of Staff at American University of Afghanistan in Kabul. While both women discussed the dangers of being a woman in Afghanistan, they also addressed the misconceptions of women’s rights and the progress that has been made.

Speaking on the past and present situation Madina commented, “Prior to extremist role in the late 20th century Afghanistan was a progressive society for women. Unfortunately, when the Taliban came to power in Afghanistan (l996 – 2001) the life of all Afghans, particularly women, changed. Suddenly, women were forbidden to be outside of their home without a male escort. They were deprived of their rights to education, work, access to justice, social participation etc...

“Fortunately, after the fall of the Taliban, the Afghan government took significant measures to protect women. Afghan government ratified CEDAW, passed EVAW law and reviewed about 73 laws, 34 regulations and 27 strategies since 2001. Although, the history of war and violence has left an upsetting impact in my country, and still Afghan women have been suffering violence and discrimination, legal protection of women and the women empowerment agenda is a top priority for our current government. President Ghani assured Afghan women, “As long as I am President, women’s rights will be protected”.

Mrs. Lael Mohib added, “Now is a time of great change and transition for Afghanistan, and thus of optimism and challenge. Now we have a government making women’s empowerment a cross-cutting priority in programming, policy, and legislation. We are already seeing results. In President Ghani, Afghanistan has a leader who is seriously committed to training women’s rights as human and constitutional rights”.

This event was part of the Gender and the Law Lunch & Learn Series, which uses the lunch hour to hold meaningful conversations about gender related topics.

April 07, 2016

AUWCL Alum and ILP Director help win Marriage Equality in Colombia

April 07 was a historic day for the LGBTQ community in Colombia, as the Colombian Constitutional Court ruled in favor to recognize marriage equality. The case was aided by two of WCL’s finest, alumnus Mauricio Albarracín and Impact Litigation Program Director and Professor Macarena Saez.

Professor Saez was asked to give an oral testimony before the court as an expert witness on comparative and international law. To put it simply, “…this is a triumph for equality. Today Colombia is a better country because of this ruling”, Professor Saez. While her testimony was instrumental to this case, Professor Saez also commented that, “The real brain behind the case is (WCL alum) Mauricio Albarracín”. Both Saez and Albarracín helped to create Colombian history through their important work.

A video of the testimony can here found here, and Professor Saez’s testimony begins at minute 17:15. Additionally, a number of international media organizations covered the ruling. Here are two of those stories: El Espectador and The Guardian.

April 06, 2016

Gender Equality: Voices from the Global South

As a means of taking initiative and using the opportunity of having multiple experts in the same place, Humphrey Fellows Shirin Asir Batshon and Carolina Soledad Rudnick, worked together to create a collaborative conference entitled, “Gender Equality: Voices from the Global South”. They used this as an opportunity to collaborate and to create a working group of international experts. The Humphrey Fellows at the University of Minnesota were also very involved in the conference and presented on multiple panels. Dr. David W. Yang, Deputy Assistant Administrator from U.S.AID, presided as the keynote speaker.

Both women commented on the conference saying, “The most powerful aspect of this conference was that these were women experts from the Global South talking about promoting gender equality in the Global South. The presentations were well documented, inspiring, empowering and very authentic”.

Of their experience they said, "The Humphrey Fellowship in American University Washington College of Law has been an empowering experience, both on the professional as well as personal level, and we feel privileged to be part of this great program.The conference Gender Equality: Voices from the Global Southand theHumphrey Alumni Network for Gender Equalityfounded immediately after the conference by the fellow participants were peak moments of this program”.

March 30, 2016

18th Annual Grotius Lecture Sponsored by ILSP and AUWCL

Each year the International Legal Studies Program sponsors the Grotius Lecture, featuring a prominent speaker to officially open the American Society of International Law’s annual meeting. This year the guest lecturer was President Michelle Bachelet, President of the Republic of Chile, and the theme for the lecture was ‘Challenges to International Law in the 21st Century’. Speaking on this theme, President Bachelet spoke about the many needs facing her own country and the world. Following the President’s lecture were remarks by the distinguished discussant, Judge Margaret McKeown, U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit. AUWCL’s Dean Claudio Grossman acted as moderator during the lecture, which was especially significant given that he is from Chile.

A video of the lecture can be found here.

Conference held for 20th Anniversary of the War Crimes Research office

March 29-30, 2016

A day-long conference entitled, Prosecuting Serious International Crimes: Exploring the Intersections between International Justice and Domestic Rule of Law Efforts, was held to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the War Crimes Research office. The WCRO was originally founded to “promote accountability for serious international crimes”. There were a total of seven panels, featuring speakers across the international law field, including keynote speaker, WCL professor and Vice President & Member of the Executive Committee of the International Commission of Jurists, Robert Goldman.

All panels are available for listening here and more information on the conference can be found here.

March 15, 2016

XXIV Meeting of the Trade Policy Experts Group

The Program on Trade, Investment, and Development hosted the XXIV Meeting of the Trade Policy Experts Group featuring, a “What's New" session, and a presentation by Joakim Reiter, Deputy Secretary General of UNCTAD.

Deputy Secretary General Reiter spoke on trade and ICT (information and communications technology), and included his comments on UNCTAD’s report on digital trade. Of Trade Policy Reiter mentioned, “One of the big problems in trade policy is how siloed it has become, in terms of expertise. We lost touch with how we link up with broader society concerns. Despite our experiences, we have not figured out a consistent, appealing narrative for globalization….Second question is what is the relationship between the state and the market – this is a major question for trade policy. Answering these questions will help to converge with broader society’s interests". In addition to hearing Mr. Reiter, the group also discussed the issue of the small number of trade policy experts in the field and the need to renew.

March 14, 2016

AUWCL Students Triumph Again!


Congratulations to Ashley Nickel, Naomi Ahsan, Semp Sooriakumar, and Tiffany Sommadossi. They competed in the Vis East Moot Court in Hong Kong, winning 16th Best Oral Team out of 115 teams from 31 countries. Tiffany and Semp both received Honorable Mention for the Best Oral Advocate Award, and Naomi won the Neil T. Kaplan Award for Best Oral Advocate.

Led by AUWCL alums, Katie Coniglio Skaggs and Willa Obel, Skaggs remarked on the team’s achievement, “WCL had a tremendous showing at the 13th Annual Willem C. Vis East Moot Court Competition, earning team and individual accolades.  The school has had many successes at past Vis moots, but this year's accomplishments were exceptional. The awards that WCL received this year were well-earned by the intelligent, diligent, and talented students on the team, and these honors truly set the school apart from other U.S. law schools, as well as law schools in 30 other countries.  The competition judges included some of the most preeminent international arbitration scholars and practitioners from around the world, and it was exciting to see WCL students held in such high regard by these accomplished attorneys”.

March 04, 2016

Celebrating the life of Ambassador Julio Lacarte Muró

The AUWCL community is saddened by the loss of Ambassador Julio Lacarte Muró who passed away on March 04, 2016. Ambassador Lacarte served as Deputy Executive Secretary of the General Agreement of Tariffs and Trade (GATT) and then returned to the GATT as Uruguay's Permanent Representative, when he served as Chairman of the Council, the Contracting Parties and the Uruguay Round negotiating groups on dispute settlement and institutional questions. In 1995, he was selected as the first chairman of the World Trade Organization (WTO) Appellate Body. He has also served as the Deputy Director of the International Trade and Balance-of-Payments Division of the United Nations and as the Director of Economic Cooperation among Developing Countries of UNCTAD.

Members of the AUWCL community have had the privilege to not only spend time with the ambassador, but to learn from him as well. Of her experience with him Professor Padideh Ala’i reflects, "Ambassador Lacarte's impact on the world trading system cannot be overstated. He was a towering and influential figure globally recognized and respected. I was lucky to know him, work with him and learn from him. He graced us with his presence in 2005 for a conference on trade and peace from his vantage point as one who was present at Bretton Woods in 1946.” Professor Aluisio de Lima-Campos also commented, “I was lucky enough to meet with him in formal and informal settings. Once, while having dinner with him in a nice restaurant and noticing for the Nth time that in his late nineties he was in great shape, had no restrictions on what dish to order or on the wine pairings I was suggesting, in addition to a clear, prodigious mind, I was compelled to ask him what was the secret of a long, healthy life? He said, I keep myself active. Unfortunately, I cannot play tennis anymore, but I eat a slice of cake every night before going to bed.” Through these memories the AUWCL community commemorates a great man with a lasting legacy.

Please see the links below for Ambassador Lacarte’s keynote address from the 2014 X International Trade Symposium, and an interview from October 15, 2015 on the history of the GATT and WTO.

International Trade Symposium Keynote (10/14/2014):

Interview (10/15/2015):

February 25, 2016

Professor Daskal Testifies Before House Judiciary Committee

Thursday, February 25, Professor Jennifer Daskal testified before the House Judiciary Committee during a hearing covering “International Conflicts of Law Concerning Cross-Border Data Flows and Law Enforcement Requests.” Professor Daskal testified on the second panel with the Chief Legal Advisor from Microsoft and Michael Chertoff.  Commenting on the situation Daskal says, “The system for law enforcement accessing data across borders is broken.  The United States has a not-to-be-missed opportunity to begin to correct this and set standards that simultaneously protect privacy, security, the future of the Internet, and American businesses.  The fact that the House Judiciary Committee is focused on this issue is hugely encouraging."

Written statements for each presenter can be found here and a video of the hearing can be found here. Professor Daskal presents her statement starting at 2:41.


February 25, 2016

Trade Remedies in Canada: A Comparison with the United States

Mr. Stephen A. Leach, Chairman of the Canadian International Trade Tribunal (CITT), discussed with WCL students and faculty members, as well as attendees from George Mason University School of Law and Georgetown University Law Center, major institutional and procedural differences between Canada and the United States in adjudicating trade disputes.  The event was also attended by Mr. Daniel Pearson, former chairman of the United States International Trade Commission. 

Mr. Leach started out by stressing the importance of growing the next generation of trade leaders, and the critical need of a multidisciplinary background in economics, law, and finance to take over the challenge of working in this field, whether in the form of education or hands-on experience.  In a very engaging and informal interaction with his audience, he compared and distinguished CITT’s broad institutional mandate with the US Government Accountability Office, US Court of International Trade, and US International Trade Commission, and spoke about his personal experience of reorganizing the institution from the ground up.  He also addressed some of the specifics of the procedure in front of CITT, in particular, the added value of having high level company officials testify and be cross-examined by their counterparts and the panel to access strong, reliable and credible evidence, and how sometimes this can change the entire outcome of a case


February 20 – 21, 2016

PICEL hosts Stetson International Environmental Moot Court Competition

The Program on International and Comparative Environmental Law once again hosted the North America Regional of the Stetson International Environmental Moot Court Competition.  Eight teams from across the U.S. came to WCL to compete in multiple rounds of oral argument for the opportunity to represent the region at the International Finals in April at Stetson University School of Law.  This year’s topic focused on the protection of elephants and cultural property. This timely topic allowed teams to argue about the continuing problem of illegal wildlife trafficking.  Additionally, they explored aspects of the application of international treaties, such as CITES, and customary international law.  In addition to the teams, numerous lawyers served as volunteer judges. 

The final round was judged by Carroll Muffett, President of the Center for International Environmental Law (CIEL) and WCL Adjunct Professor; Carla Garcia Zendejas (LL.M ’97), Director of the People, Land & Resources program at CIEL; and Claudia de Windt (LL.M ’01), Chief of the Environmental Law, Policy & Good Governance Section in the Department of Sustainable Development at the Organization of American States.  Over the weekend, 29 other lawyers also served as judges including 14 alumni, 5 of whom are ILSP alumni.  Additionally, current LL.M students Kavell Joseph and Monica de Diego served as judges, as did SJD candidates Cristiane Dias and Antonio Morelli (LL.M ’14).  Judges came from NGOs, think tanks, international organizations, U.S. government agencies, law firms, and included Niranjali Amerasinghe, Melissa Blue Sky (’11), Margaret Bowman, Veronica Bradley (’14), Priscila Bribiesca, Carl Bruch, Alexandra Campbell-Ferrari, Margaret Coulter (’13), Alexandra Dapolito Dunn, Yulia Genin (LL.M ’12), Alejandra Goyenechea (LL.M ’01), Adriana Jáuregui (LL.M ’14), Tom Kane, Elana Katz-Mink (’14), Lizzie Lewis (’15), Andrea Martinez (’11), Nada Naseri (LL.M ’14), Chiara Pappalardo, Roxane Regis (’15), Cari Shiffman (’07), Kim Smaczniak, Bill Snape, Daniel Squire, Luke Wilson, and Elizabeth Zgoda (’10).  The competition wasn’t all work and no play, following the preliminary rounds on Saturday, the teams, judges, and student volunteer bailiffs had a chance to relax and network during a reception in the Atrium.     


February 17, 2016

AUWCL Presented with Certificate of Appreciation from the State Department

During the iHL: Human Rights, Law, and Security in the Information Age symposium AUWCL was presented with a Certificate of Appreciation from the State Department. The symposium was a great event, not only showcasing WCL’s work, but also the work of others in our community. For more information on the award and the symposium, please see AUWCL’s News page.


February 11-14, 2016

AUWCL Wins at Mid-Atlantic Jessup Moot Court Competition

Through the course of a weekend long competition, AUWCL's Jessup Moot Court team took high marks in the Philip C. Jessup International Law Moot Court Competition. The team came out strong winning sixth best brief overall. Team members include, 3Ls Omeed Assefi, Nick Gordon, Sarai Infante, Amber Unwala and 2L Alanna Kennedy. They will move on to compete in the White & Case International Rounds in Washington, D.C. Not only did the team place well above many other prestigious schools, but three team members were also recognized as best oralists as well.


February 10 – 11, 2016

“Legal Aspects of Agribusiness: Brail, the United States, & China”

The Brazil-U.S. Legal and Judicial Studies Program at WCL hosted a two-day symposium on the Legal Aspects of Agribusiness in Brazil, China and the U.S. Judge Peter Messitte, Dean Claudio Grossman, Ambassador Luis Alberto Figueiredo, and Mr. Antonio Augusto de Souza Coelho shared their thoughts on this important topic during the first day of the session. The conference brought together a myriad different organizations, topics, and countries. By bringing together such a diverse group of professionals, the conference was able to discuss the current state of the field and potential issues regarding the future of Agribusiness. Some of the sessions included, “Feeding the World” presented by Eric Trachtenberg, Judicial Review of and reformation of Contracts” by WCL Professor David Snyder, and “Creating a Superior National Food System” by Tom Veblen.


February 10, 2016

WCL War Crimes Research Office Director Congressional Moderator

The director of the War Crimes Research Office, Susan SáCouto, had the opportunity to moderate and present at the U.S. House of Representatives on the congressional briefing, “Seeking Justice for Atrocities:  How the International Criminal Court Could Advance Accountability in Iraq and Syria". For more information and a video of the briefing, please see the AUWCL News page.


November 27-29, 2015

WCL Students take top honors in INADR International Mediation Competition

Over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend, WCL JD students, Kelsey Mowatt-Larssen, Judith Stephens, and Dina Navar competed and placed in the INADR International Mediation Competition. The 4th NLIU-INADR International Law School Mediation Tournament was held at the National Law Institute University in Bhopal, India and was facilitated by the International Academy of Dispute Resolution.  The competition took place over several days and included 78 law students on 26 teams from 18 universities. WCL’s team came home highly decorated with all three of the competitors ranking in the top ten, and the team earning team honors, with a 2nd place trophy for mediation teams. Also, Judith Stephens took home the 10th place trophy, Dina Navar won the 5th place award, and Kelsey Mowatt-Larssen received the individual top honors in mediation. For more information and photos please click here.


November 13, 2015

LLM Student on 24 Hours of Reality

Current International Legal Studies Program student, Luciana Lepri, had the opportunity on November 13 to present in South America for 24 Hours of Reality. 24 Hours of Reality is a production of the Climate Reality Project, originally started by former Vice President Al Gore, to encourage policy changes on climate change. The event was broadcast all over the world to include different speakers in each region. Every region of the world was represented, not just by professionals in the field, but by musicians and entertainers as well. The main goal of the event was to encourage world leaders to act on climate change. Lepri was featured in Segment 2, which aired from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. In talking about her experience Lepri says, “I’m extremely thankful to be invited for The Climate Reality Project, and to be part of the 24 Hours of Reality presentation. Since I became a climate leader, in Chicago 2013, I had the opportunity to be with these amazing people and to be part of this wonderful project. I’ve been working with environmental law for many years and got involved with Mr. Gore’s project while working on my LLM with a focus in climate change. It was more than an opportunity, it was a reward".

As a student in the LLM program, Lepri is not simply taking classes, but engaging as an active participant in her field. She is also a unique student in that she started the LLM program as an already practicing lawyer from Brazil. While all of the LLM students start the program with a law degree, many are still young professionals looking to gain more experience. Lepri is an impressive student with not only a passion for environmental law, but one who also looks to improve her knowledge and skills.


October 22, 2015

AUWCL Welcomes the “2015 ASIL Research Forum”

AUWCL welcomed the Fifth Annual American Society of International Law (ASIL) Research Forum on October 22-24. AUWCL was excited to host this year’s ASIL Research Forum, which gathered more than 100 leading international law scholars to discuss their research and recent developments in international law. Papers were selected competitively and featured in a series of topical panels. AUWCL Dean Claudio Grossman and former Dean Thomas Buergenthal opened the Forum with a conversation on the arc of international law. The Forum was preceded by an International Law Research Workshop and an International Law Mentoring event that brought students and practitioners together. AUWCL thanks ASIL for being such a leader in organizing this event and generally in international law. For a look at the Forum's agenda click this link.


October 07, 2015

AUWCL Professor Recognized for his Contributions to Human Rights

Professor Herman Schwartz’s was recognized in the October 2016 issue of The American Lawyer for his work with the New Israel Fund, and the creation of the “Herman Schwartz Israel Human Rights Fellowship”. Created in 1983 after his first visit to Israel, the fellowship has gone on to host more than 60 fellows, one Jewish Israeli lawyer and one Arab Israeli lawyer each year. After the yearlong fellowship the graduates go back to Israel where they have continued to define the meaning of human rights in Israel.   This year’s fellows Uri Sabach and Souria Bishara remarked on their own experiences “I was lucky enough to meet some of the fellows of the program in Israel as mentors, professors and colleagues, so I knew how fruitful and important it has been. I am very thankful to Professor Schwartz for the opportunity to be here and to learn and experience so much!” says, Sabach. Souria Bishara commented that "Professor Schwartz has established a remarkable legacy of former AU law students who are advancing the cause of human rights in Israel. Upon completing my studies, I hope to play a part advancing this cause too”.  To read the full article please follow this link.


September 15, 2015

Connecting Across the Globe

Graduate Admissions Coordinator, Gregory Rafal, spends much of his day talking to prospective students through email, online chats, and sometimes over the phone answering questions and preparing them for life at the Washington College of Law. During his recent trips to Mexico and Puerto Rico Greg had the opportunity to talk with students face to face, and to hear their excitement for a year of study in Washington, D.C. In discussing his travels he commented, “It’s impossible not to notice the international diversity at WCL! We have passionate students from all over the world, and I’m fortunate enough to have the opportunity to meet them in their home countries. Recently, I’ve traveled to Puerto Rico and Mexico and I look forward to my final trip this semester to Western Europe”. These trips not only bring new students to the LL.M. program at WCL, but also increase the overall international student presence and the school’s diversity.


September 14, 2015

Recruiting Across the Globe

This fall the Office of Graduate Admissions embarked on multiple recruiting trips that crossed the globe and introduced over a hundred students to the Washington College of Law. On September 13, Associate Director of Graduate Admissions, Hilary Lappin, left on the first trip to Latin America where she visited four different countries over ten days. “One of the best parts of my job is getting the opportunity to travel and meet passionate students excited to learn! My most recent trip to Latin America allowed me to make connections on behalf of the law school with prospective students, partner institutions, and alumni across Brazil, Chile, Colombia, and Peru”, said Lappin. While the primary reason for these trips was to recruit for the LL.M. program, it was also a great opportunity to update alumni and to make connections with other law schools. Some of the schools and organizations she visited included, Facultad de Derecho Universidad Católica, Universidad del Rosario, and Mackenzie in Sao Paulo, Brazil.


August 20, 2015

New LLM Student Orientation Fall 2015

The start of the fall 2015 semester brought with it 51 new LL.M. and exchange students to create a total LL.M. class of 89. The new students represent 27 different countries and a number are sponsored through organizations like, Fulbright, USAID, the Civil Society Leadership Award, and the OSF Disability Rights Fellowship. On August 20 and 21, the International Legal Studies Program and the Program on Law and Government hosted a program orientation to acclimate the new students to their new home for the next semester.

Orientation sessions included, “Getting to Know AU”, Academic Counseling, a presentation by the Office of Career and Professional Development, and Cross-Cultural Communication. Dean Claudio Grossman and David Hunter, Director of the International Legal Studies Program, also offered a few remarks to welcome the new students.


August 4, 2015

Welcoming the new Hubert Humphrey Fellows

On August 4, AUWCL welcomed ten Hubert Humphrey Fellows for a year of study, professional opportunities, and cultural experiences. Welcoming fellows since 1980, AU and WCL have helped to foster a community where the fellows can gain practical skills and knowledge to take back to their home country.

This year ten different countries are represented: Belarus, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, China, Ethiopia, Israel, Pakistan, Swaziland, and Zimbabwe. Orientation activities for this year included a tour of the Pence Law Library, discussion on cultural adjustment, and a Segway Tour of Washington. During this time they also had the opportunity to meet with past Humphrey Fellows and the Humphrey Fellowship Program officer at the Department of State, Paul Schelp (featured in the second photo). Hosting the Humphrey Fellows continues to be a rewarding experience for ILSP, and the 2015/2016 academic year will likely bring many more exciting collaborations.


July 30, 2015

AUWCL Professor Teaches Legal English in China

After teaching Legal English at AUWCL earlier this summer, Cathy Schenker, associate director of the International Legal Studies Program, traveled to Beijing, China, to teach the course to students at the Chinese University of Political Science and Law (CUPL), July 20-23. MORE



July 29, 2015

Professor Macarena Saez to Testify Before Constitutional Court of Colombia in Marriage Equality Case

This Thursday the Constitutional Court of Colombia will hear oral arguments and expert witness testimonies for its case on marriage equality. MORE


July 13, 2015

Practitioner-in-Residence Anita Sinha Talks to AP About Immigrant Labor at Private Detention Centers

AUWCL Practitioner-in-Residence Anita Sinha is featured in this Associated Press story on a lawsuit alleging immigrants were paid $1 a day for janitorial work at a private prison.  MORE



June 7, 2015

Tenley Campus Ribbon Cutting Ceremony to Feature Justice Ginsburg

American University Washington College of Law is thrilled to announce that U.S. Supreme Court Associate Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg will participate in the historic ribbon cutting ceremony to officially open the law school’s new Tenley Campus, Feb. 12, 2016 MORE



June 15 - 18, 2015

U.S. and International Anti-Corruption Law Program to Host Series of Discussions

FIFA, Citizens United, Petrobras — corruption continues to make front page news. Join Assistant Secretary of State Malinowski, SIGIR Stuart Bowen, Dr. James Thurber and advocate Chen Guangchen for timely discussions and lunch June 15-18th. MORE



June 9, 2015

The Compliance Advisor/Ombudsman (CAO) Welcomes the Environmental Law Summer Session Participants

On June 9, summer session participants went to meet with another independent accountability mechanism, the Compliance Advisor/Ombudsman (CAO). The CAO is the independent accountability mechanism for projects of the International Finance Corporation (IFC, the World Bank Group's private sector lending arm) and the Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency (MIGA). MORE


June 5, 2015

Summer Participants Spend World Environment Day Visiting the State Department

As everyone celebrated World Environment Day on Friday, June 5, Environmental Law Summer Session participants went to the U.S. Department of State to meet with Melanie Nakagawa ('05). Melanie is a member of Secretary John Kerry's Policy Planning Staff and advises the Secretary on issues related to the environment, energy, and climate change. MORE


June 4, 2015

Summer Session Participants Meet World Bank Inspection Panel

Following the trip to Beveridge & Diamond and a stroll past the White House, the Environmental Law Summer Session participants reached the World Bank to meet with the Inspection Panel. The Inspection Panel is the independent accountability mechanism for IBRD and IDA (two parts of the World Bank Group) providing a place for project-affected communities to seek redress when they are harmed by a Bank funded activity. MORE


June 2, 2015

As part of an AUWCL delegation traveling throughout Asia, Dean Grossman hosted two alumni dinners this weekend in Seoul, Korea and Tokyo, Japan. Many thanks to Nicholas Park (JD '02), Sun-Young Oh (LL.M. '03/SJD '10), and Nori Takezawa (LL.M. '07) for their help in organizing the dinners. MORE


May 29, 2015

Environmental Summer Session Participants Visit CIEL MORE


May 28, 2015

AUWCL Delegation Visits Law Schools in Asia MORE



May 28, 2015

Students Compete in ICC Moot Court Competition in The Hague MORE




May 27, 2015

WCL Academic and Development Visits to Law Schools in Korea, Japan, and India MORE




May 27, 2015

Associate Dean Jaffe and Professor Wermiel Meet with AUWCL Graduates Teaching in Turkey MORE



May 13, 2015

Dean Grossman to Receive Honorary Degree from Fairleigh Dickinson University MORE


May 1, 2015

Dean Grossman Presides Over Meeting with UN Special Advisor on Prevention of Genocide MORE




April 24, 2015

Dean Grossman Meets with Leaders of International Telecommunication Union in Geneva MORE



April 23, 2015

Meet the New Disability Rights Defenders MORE



April 22, 2015

Humphrey Fellowship Program Certificate Ceremony MORE



April 21, 2015

Humphrey Fellow Screens New Documentary on Brazil's Forest Code MORE




April 16-18, 2015

WCL Team Competes in International Finals of the Stetson IEMCC MORE



April 14-16, 2015

WCL Students, Alumni, and Staff Participate in World Bank Spring Meetings MORE



April 8, 2015

AUWCL Sponsors 17th Annual Grotius Lecture to Open 109th ASIL Annual Meeting MORE




April 2, 2015

Thai Environmental Lawyers Visit WCL To Discuss Illegal Wildlife Trafficking MORE




March 25, 2015

American University to offer first-ever human rights LL.M. in Spanish MORE



March 23, 2015

WCL Moot Court Team Wins International Criminal Court Moot Competition MORE


March 23, 2015

PICEL Hosts Second Annual Environmental and Energy Law Career Mentoring Session MORE




March 22, 2015

Environmental Faculty, Alumni, and Students Join 2015 Goldman Prize Celebration MORE



March 17, 2015

ITSO/WCL Online Course on Basic Principles of International Communications Regulation and Policy Launches March 16 MORE


March 16, 2015

WCL Hosts Presentation: Human Rights in Puerto Rico: A Dialogue with Civil Society & Key Actors MORE


March 1, 2015

PICEL Submits Comments on World Bank Draft Environmental and Social Framework MORE


February 26, 2015

WCL Hosts Presentation, "Trade Defense and Remedies: An Update on Brazilian Developments" MORE


February 26, 2015

WCL Celebrates 40th Anniversary of the Inter-American Convention on International Commercial Arbitration MORE


February 25, 2015

WCL Hosts "Accountability for Serious International Crimes before National and Internationally-Supported Courts: Challenges and Opportunities" Discussion MORE


February 20, 2015

WCL Hosts "Commission of Inquiry on Human Rights in the Democratic People's Republic of Korea: Lessons Learned" Panel MORE


February 18, 2015

WCL Hosts "Protecting Art and Cultural Property Through International Law' Panels MORE


February 11, 2015
International Students Day - Virtual Grad Student Fair


February 11, 2015
The International Student Perspective Graduate Admissions Info Session


January 30, 2015
Bordering on Legal Limits? Immigration Enforcement, Prosecutorial Discretion, and Executive Action Symposium


January 27, 2015
United Nations Committee Against Torture (UN CAT) Project Seminar Announcement


January 26, 2015
SJD Dissertation Defense by Halla Shoaibi: “Pregnant Women's Access to Health Care in the Occupied Palestinian Territory: Application Under the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court.”


January 21, 2015
Comparative Law Program in Europe Information Session


January 14, 2015
Information Session for Summer 2015 Program on International Organizations, Law and Diplomacy and Program of Advanced Studies on Human Rights and Humanitarian Law


December 12, 2014
International Legal Studies Program Alum, Deborah Thomas-Felix, appointed to Judge of the United Nations Appeals Tribunal



November 13, 2014
Summer Applications Open; Updates on Recent Events – Program on International Organizations, Law and Diplomacy

Bernardo M. Cremades Sanz-PastorNovember 5, 2014
Ninth Annual Lecture on International Commercial Arbitration MORE


October 30, 2014
The International Legal Studies Program (ILSP) LL.M Board hosted "Yasuni: A Struggle for Conservation and Democracy," a discussion with members of the Yasunidos movement in Ecuador, including Pablo Piedra Vivar (LL.M '13), about their struggle for conservation and democracy in Ecuador.


October 30, 2014
CopyrightX: Lessons from Networked Legal Education – A Discussion with Prof. William Fisher The Third Annual Peter Jaszi Distinguished Lecture on Intellectual Property


October 27, 2014
Italian Ambassador Distinguished Speaker Series Event


October 22, 2014
WCL Hosts Annual Embassy Reception


October 22, 2014
International Real Estate Development in a Civil Law System: A Discussion with the Association of French Notaries


Sinisa Rodin Event Photo October 21, 2014
Presentation by Judge Siniša Rodin of the Court of Justice of the European Union


October 21, 2014
ILSP Director speaks at OAS Sustainable Development Dialogue


October 21, 2014
Judging at the European Court of Justice Presentation by Judge Siniša Rodin Court of Justice of the European Union


October 17, 2014
International Legal Studies Program Hosts Second Annual Volunteer Service Day at D.C. Central Kitchen

LJDW Photo October 20-24, 2014
Law, Justice and Development Week at the World Bank


October 16, 2014
African States Challenging International Criminal Law: A Discussion with Professor Roland Adjovi


October 15, 2014
Supreme Court Series: Teva Pharaceuticals USA v. Sandoz Post Argument Discussion


October 14, 2014
Guest Speaker Xixin Wang from China's Peking University Law School Dicusses Political and Constitutional Reforms in China


October 14, 2014
WCL Hosts X Symposium on International Trade


October 13, 2014
European Law Association Hosts Talk with Prof. Matej Avbelj Regarding ECJ jurisprudence on the EU Single Market


October 10, 2014
WCL Hosts LLM Programs Information Sessions - Chile, Brazil, Colombia, and Mexico


October 2, 2014
NAFTA 20: State of Affairs Lunch Discussion


September 24, 2014
Plain Packaging for the Pacific Rim: The Trans-Pacific Partnership and Tobacco Control


September 22, 2014
Former WTO Director General, Pascal Lamy, addresses corruption in global trade at policy dialogue and breakfast.

September 5, 2014
Professor Bob Goldman Elected VP of International Commission of Jurists. Professor Robert Goldman was recently elected Vice President of the International Commission of Jurists (ICJ). Previously, he served three terms on the ICJ’s Executive Committee and is now serving a second term as a Commissioner. Professor Goldman is the sole U.S. Commissioner, having replaced the late Jerome Shestack, former President of the ABA.


June 24, 2014
Dean Claudio Grossman Meets with WCL Alumni in Sao Paulo. On Sunday, June 22, Dean Claudio Grossman hosted an alumni dinner in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The group discussed externship opportunities for AUWCL students, the law school’s exciting international programs, and the campaign for the new Tenley Campus.


June, 2014
Matthew Smith '14 and Mina Trudeau '12 Named Fulbright Scholars


Projects Begin Fall 2014 in Mexico and Turkey . The Fulbright Program awards approximately 8,000 grants annually, allowing students, scholars, teachers, and professionals to study, teach, and conduct research at institutions worldwide. This year, recent graduate Matthew Smith ’14 and alumna Mina Trudeau ‘12, both Public Interest / Public Service Scholars while at the AUWCL, were awarded Fulbright grants. MORE


May 9, 2014 - American University Washington College of Law to Welcome Judy Smith ‘86, Founder and President of Leading Strategic and Crisis Communications Firm, as 2014 Commencement Speaker.
American University Washington College of Law will welcome Judy A. Smith ‘86, founder and president of Smith & Company a leading strategic and crisis communications firm and co-executive producer of ABC’s Scandal, as the 2014 Commencement Speaker. The law school's commencement will be held May 18, 2014, at 1 p.m. at American University's Bender Arena (4400 Massachusetts Ave., NW). Smith will be presented with an honorary doctor of laws.


May 8, 2014 - American University Washington College of Law Welcomes Nearly 100 Teams to 19th Annual Inter-American Moot Court Competition.
The 19th Annual Inter-American Moot Court Competition will take place May 18-23 at American University Washington College of Law, presented by the Academy on Human Rights and Humanitarian Law and co-sponsored by the Inter-American Court on Human Rights.


April 11, 2014 - Nearly 500 Attend Annual Grotius Lecture to Open ASIL Annual Meeting, ILA Biennial Conference. Advocate for Women's International Human Rights, Radhika Coomaraswamy, Delivers Distinguished Lecture.
The Lecture was held at the Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center.


April 8, 2014 - Academy on Human Rights and Humanitarian Law Plans Immersive Summer Program, Celebrates 15 Year Milestone.
The Program of Advanced Studies on Human Rights and Humanitarian Law, held May 27 – June 13 by American University Washington College of Law’s Academy on Human Rights and Humanitarian Law, offers 19 courses taught by world-renowned scholars and practitioners in the field of human rights.


February 25, 2014 - Alumni Launch New Organization to Foster Lasting Justice Solutions in Nigeria.
Three recent graduates who connected through the law school’s Human Rights Brief are using their skills and passions to launch a new NGO in Nigeria.


February 12, 2014 - Torture: “Tajikistan still needs to bridge the gap between policies and reality” – UN rights expert Juan E. Mendez.
The United Nations Special Rapporteur on torture, Juan E. Méndez, today urged the Government of Tajikistan to fully implement its policies for the eradication and prevention of torture and ill-treatment.


February 4, 2014 - Law School Launches New Program on International Information Communications Technology (ICT) Policy and Regulation.
American University Washington College of Law is pleased to announce a new program on International ICT (Information Communications Technology) Policy and ICT Regulation, made possible through a partnership with the International Telecommunications Satellite Organization (ITSO).


January 31, 2014 - Sexual and Gender-Based Violence Post Arab Spring: Syria's Challenges to Protection and Accountability.
The War Crimes Research Office (WCRO) co-sponsored a panel discussion at the Washington College of Law with the American Red Cross as well as the American Society for International Law's Women in International Law Interest Group entitled "Sexual and Gender-Based Violence Post Arab Spring: Syria's Challenges to Protection and Accountability."


January 27, 2014 - New WCRO Report Examines Obtaining Victim Status for Purposes of Participating in Proceedings at the International Criminal Court


January 23, 2014 - "Victim Participation at the International Criminal Court: Is it Working?"
Sponsored by the War Crimes Research Office and the American Society of International Law


January 20, 2014 - Local Human Rights Lawyering Partners Request Thematic Hearing on Migrant Farmworker Camp Access Before the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights.


Sachs Talks Art and Democracy: A Conversation with Albie Sachs, renowned human rights leader and former South African Constitutional Court Justice.


American University Washington College of Law offers Online Certificate in International Commercial Arbitration.
American University Washington College of Law offers an unparalleled opportunity to pursue an Online Certificate in International Commercial Arbitration.


Center for Human Rights Launches Report to Assess States’ Efforts to Protect Human Rights in Operations of Private Military and Security Companies.

International Legal Studies Program Hosts Volunteer Service Day.
November 15 - The International Legal Studies Program would like to thank all of those who participated in this year’s ILSP service day at the Capital Area Food Bank.


PICEL Professors Participate in American University Law Review's Symposium on Climate Change.
On November 18, the American University Law Review held its annual symposium and this year's topic was "Climate Power Play: Financial, Legislative, and Regulatory Moves Toward a New Energy Economy."


U.S. Supreme Court Justice Sotomayor Speaks at AUWCL.
On Tuesday, November 19, American University Washington College of Law welcomed Sonia Sotomayor, Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States, for a conversation with the law school community.


Gaoxiang Pan, GE's Chief Environmental Counsel in Asia, Discusses His Work.
PICEL hosted "A Discussion with Gaoxiang Pan, Asia Environmental Counsel for GE" on November 19."


His Excellency Børge Brende, the Norwegian Foreign Minister, Discusses the Arctic at WCL.
On November 14, Norway's Foreign Minister Børge Brende discussed "The Arctic: Major Opportunities-Major Responsibilities" at WCL.


International Networking Event Fosters Professional Relationships Across Borders.
Students had the unique opportunity to perfect their elevator speeches during the International Speed Networking event held as part of International Week (Oct. 21–25). This event, sponsored by the International Legal Studies Program and the Office of Career and Professional Development, gave JD and LL.M. students a chance to practice their networking skills and discuss their interests in international law in a relaxed and fun environment.


Dean, Faculty, and Students Participate in 51st Session of the UN Committee against Torture.
Dean Claudio Grossman, in his capacity as chair of the UN Committee against Torture (UN CAT), will preside this week over the Committee's 51st session in Geneva. He'll also serve as rapporteur for Portugal and co-rapporteur for Mozambique.


Navi Pillay, United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights,Delivers Important Address at AUWCL.
AUWCL welcomed Navi Pillay, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights for an important address, “The International Human Rights Treaty System and Its Impact at the International and Domestic Level.”

Directors of Friends of the Earth Middle East Discuss Environmental Peacebuilding on the Jordan River.
On Tuesday, October 1, the three co-directors of Ecopeace/Friends of the Earth Middle East (FOEME) came to American University Washington College of Law to discuss environmental peacebuilding on the Jordan River.


ILSP Director David Hunter Emcees the World Bank Inspection Panel's 20th Anniversary Dinner.
The World Bank Inspection Panel turned 20 last week and in honor of this occasion, there was a celebratory dinner on September 24. Professor David Hunter, who was one of the people who advocated for the creation of the Inspection Panel and was instrumental in its development, served as the emcee for the evening, which featured a speech by Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi.


UNROW Clinic Students Travel to Costa Rica for Brewer Carias v. Venezula.
Recently, American University Washington College of Law’s UNROW Human Rights Impact Litigation Clinic students and director traveled to Costa Rica to observe a trial before the Inter-American Court on Human Rights.


IP Clinic Initiates Inaugural WALA Live Creative Economy Legal Clinic.
In the Fall of 2013, the Washington Area Lawyers for the Arts (WALA) will team up with the American University Washington College of Law and George Washington University College of Law to present a LIVE LAW CLINIC for the CREATIVE ECONOMY.


Now Available: Volume 20 Issue 3 of the Human Rights Brief


Law Students to Empower D.C. High Schools Students to Become Human Rights Advocates
The Center for Human Rights and Humanitarian Law(Center) at American University Washington College of Law and the Robert F. Kennedy Center for Justice and Human Rights(RFK Center) have launched a transformative initiative for student-to-student peer education in the field of human rights, the RFK Speak Truth To Power (STTP) Human Rights Teaching Fellows Program.


Law Students to Empower D.C. High School Students to Become Human Rights Advocates.
American University Washington College of Law and RFK Center for Justice and Human Rights Launch Second Annual Speak Truth To Power Human Rights Teaching Fellows Program .


Announcing the Launch of Creative Commons U.S.
The Program on Information Justice and Intellectual Property (PIJIP) is the new home of Creative Commons United States (CC US), part of the Creative Commons Affiliate Network. Lead by PIJIP Director Michael Carroll, CC US promotes understanding of sharing through open licensing and other issues related to uses of Creative Commons licenses in the United States.


American University Washington College of Law Welcomes 2013-2014 Humphrey Fellows
Eleven legal scholars and professionals from around the world arrived in Washington, D.C. in August to participate in the Hubert H. Humphrey Fellowship Program coordinated by the International Legal Studies Program at AUWCL. The program, sponsored by the State Department, provides these international fellows with non-degree academic study and professional experiences in the United States. Participants are selected based on their potential for leadership and commitment to public service.


Visiting Human Rights Faculty from Partner Universities in Colombia Participate in Intensive Summer Programming at WCL.
The Center’s Human Rights Teaching and Research Partnership Program just wrapped up an exciting couple of months with studnets and professor from partner law schools Universidad Javeriana Cali and Universidad Santiago de Cali, both of Cali, Colombia.


Participants in the Environmental Law Summer Session Visit Beveridge & Diamond.
Participants, who represent 14 different countries, in the Environmental Law Summer Session visited leading environmental law firm, Beveridge & Diamond, on June 3 to learn about.


International Women's Day
On this International Women's Day, the War Crimes Research Office (WCRO) and the Women and International Law Program (WILP) announce the launch of a new Gender Jurisprudence and International Criminal Law Project website, http://www.genderjurisprudence.org.