International Legal Studies Program Alum, Deborah Thomas-Felix, appointed to Judge of the United Nations Appeals Tribunal

Washington College of Law and the International Legal Studies Program would like to congratulate Deborah Thomas-Felix ’08 on her recent appointment as Judge of the United Nations Appeals Tribunal; the first person to be appointed to this prestigious position.

“I am deeply honored and humbled by the opportunity to serve at the international level in a capacity which allows me to build on the valuable work which I am currently engaged in at the Industrial Court. This experience will ultimately redound to the benefit of Trinidad and Tobago in terms of enhancing our capacity to treat with issues related to employment and administrative law.

I wish to thank the Honorable Prime Minister and the Government of Trinidad and Tobago for the support which was rendered to my candidature. Special thanks to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ambassador Eden Charles and his term at Trinidad and Tobago’s permanent Mission in New York.”

Her Honor Deborah Thomas-Felix

President, Industrial Court