WCL Students, Alumni, and Staff Participate in World Bank Spring Meetings

The World Bank and IMF held their 2015 Spring Meetings and Civil Society Policy Forum from April 14 to 18. PICEL Program Coordinator Erika Lennon ('08) and several current JD and LL.M students attended sessions during the policy forum along with people from civil society organizations around the world, including WCL alumni. Adam Arnold (LL.M '15), Emelyne Calimoutou (LL.M '15), Emily Goldman ('16), Sean Harriton ('16), and Tais Ludwig ('16) followed up on their early work helping to contribute to the PICEL submission during the Environmenal and Social Safeguard Policy review by attending the meetings. Sessions focused on a variety of topics including many related to the safeguards and accountability. There was also an update on the safeguards review process that Erika, Tais, and Emily attended, and both Tais and Emily asked questions about the process and the next phase of the review. During the policy forum many discussions focused on the need to strengthen the environmental and social safeguards, the need to include human rights protections in the safeguards, and the need for strong accountability mechanisms all of which would help ensure that WBG funded projects do not harm communities and the environment. Other attendees included alumni of WCL's International Legal Studies Program who now work at both NGOs who focus on environmental and social standards and accountability mechanisms at IFIs, and who work at the World Bank, primarily in the World Bank Inspection Panel, which is the independent accountability mechanism for the World Bank. Additionally, Erika and several students participated in meetings with other lawyers and policy advocates from non-governmental organizations around the world.