PICEL Submits Comments on World Bank Draft Environmental and Social Framework

On March 1, PICEL submitted comments to the World Bank on its draft Environmental and Social Framework. Since 20..., the World Bank has been engaged in updating its Environmental and Social safeguard policies. Phase two of this process included worldwide consultations and a comment period that concluded on March 1. PICEL Director David Hunter and Coordinator Erika Lennon have engaged in the review by attending consultations and submitting comments during phase 1 (read more, and also participated in consultations during phase 2. David and Erika worked with five students (Adam Arnold, Emelyne Calimoutou, Emily Goldman, Sean Harriton, and Tais Ludwig) to draft PICEL's comments on the proposed framework.

Read PICEL's comments. Additionally, David and Erika signed on to comments from the Center for International Environmental Law, Accountability Counsel, and other NGOs regarding the new environmental and social standard 10, grievance mechanisms, and accountability.